Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spending time in hospital!

Not me, but you would think that I spend enough time in hospital during school anyway. From my prior update, you might have caught that my mom is in the Ottawa general Hospital, because she sustained a hip fracture on Sunday morning, while up on a work stint in Nunavut.

She had surgery on Tuesday evening, and is already on her way to recovery. It is pretty "funny," because I really am starting to know how everything works. the nursing, the physio, the pain of having a big accident, and the worries that you go through as a patient. Everything from the hospital treatment and stay, to the insurance covering, to the taking care of things at home and work.

oh, and the physio. how they get them up walking so soon after. it is so necessary, but so painful for her! and, i also find it funny, b/c health care professionals just presume (a lot of the times) that you don't know anything about anything. but, did I mention that I did a M.Sc in Rehab? that my M.Sc focused on hip fractures?!?! ;)

And, I am back to montreal tomorrow, for a few days. I had a little freak out yesterday about my exams (particularly Pathology, which was scheduled for today). i am able to defer, but if something happens in august (which is the other time to write the exam), i am screwed for my program. you know. like aliens taking over the city or something. I am going to be writing my other ones, and taking it day by day in terms of whether I need to go to Ottawa, or Edmonton (when my mum goes home), or whatnot.

But, at any rate: i am running a 1/2 marathon this weekend!
And training this week has been a little bit disrupted. and, so, it has been a little strange. But, the cool thing is, is that my body feels like i need to mooooove! definitely feeling "Rested" but also shocked that when you are on "recovery" all you want to do is sleep more, and not move at all! it is kinda strange.

anyway. i am excited to race. REALLY excited to race.

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