Tuesday, April 6, 2010

cancer sucks.

so, lots of things are going on these days. I finally got done with the last assignments of the year, and a final presentation to do. relieved that there are no longer any more "homework" things to do.

I am feeling a little under the weather, with a non-descriptive soreness in my thoracic area. and, i am kinda concerned about it. 'cause i am never sick, and it seems like i have been a fricken hypochondriac these past few weeks. and, i don't know why. but... clinic tomorrow? all i know, it that it is frustrating. and uncomfortable.

My friend Beth is in Toronto this week, because her dad is sick. CANCER SUCKS. i hate it that her family is going through all of this, and i know that when an illness happens in a family for years, people learn how to cope. but, it is scary, i think. it is scary to see people that you love, sick and not able to do what they want to do. It is hard to be the stronghold in a family, and support the other members who are also staying upright. It is hard to be in school to be a health professional, and understand the terms that they are saying, and be able to read what is going on.

My re-committment date for Team in Training is on Friday. And, i am nervous about it. i am at 34% of my funds required. I have some good things coming up which are hopefully going to bring in quite a bit of cash. but, i am nervous because if i don't make the require amount by june, i am supposed to be able to cover the difference. and, i would not be financially able to do that. but, when I think of what beth is going through... how could i think of backing down?
SIGH. not sure what to do.

would you donate to my effort to help fight Leukemia and Lymphoma?
click here: Team in Training Website

for those who also want to know about leanna and beth: nursingteamintraining.wordpress.com

For those of you in Montreal, who are reading this... I am selling cocoa camino chocolate bars. do you like organic fair-trade? do you like chocolate? DO YOU HATE CANCER? Buy some chocolate.

Amelia is selling 49th parallel coffee, and gift certificates, courtesy of Cafe Myriade. make an order today.

She is also selling an acoustic guitar + accessories….

Stay tuned for such events as “speed dating” and “quiz night for a cause.”

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