Tuesday, October 20, 2009

doing great on undergrad exams...

so, I would like to preface this by reminding you that this is my second M.Sc. Indeed, apparently, I cannot stop going to school. apparently, I like the anxiety, and possibly the challenge or the stress.

on the other hand, maybe i like to learn. learning is fun. despite the fact, that more often than not....
[learning. is. hard.]
[both in life. and. school]

so, on that note, i write to say that I have just completed my second mid-term exam. well, really my first *big* one. and, it was pharmacology. if you don't know what that is. well, don't bother learning it. it is really not important. but, it is a science, in the biological realm. it is hard. it has a lot of information, and apparently, a big class.

i haven't been in a big class for years. and, it has also been years that I have had to write an exam like that. so, with a weekend of anti-social behaviour, lots of caffiene, and a little word to the one upstairs, I went in knowing I had done all I could.

and, i came out thinking "Really!?!? reallllly?! i never knew that true and false questions could be formatted like that! " unbelieveable. it was hard. hard enough that i had flashbacks of my most recent MCAT writing. but, it didn't quite make me want to cry like the mcat, so, in reality, i don't really know how I did. I guess we will see.

sigh. I am just glad it is over.
the other thing,
is that i don't want to "just pass." I want to.
than *well*.
I want
to do

maybe next time?!?

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