Thursday, October 22, 2009

the day just kept on getting stranger...

so, i woke up this morning, with the intention that I was going to ride my bike to rowing practice. It was a bit damp outside, but, okay. I can deal with that. but, I was still hesitant, since I have not been riding it as of late. but, today was the day that I was going to drop it off a shop. So, here we go... got on my bike, and left. cruised down the hill.

and, the weird thing about it is that i ride my bike to practice every morning.* nothing new, here. but, i was riding, and then i crossed the bridge, and then i looked up. there i was, in the middle of who-knows-where. same path that i take everyday. and, all of a sudden, I was lost. It took me a good 7 minutes to figure out what was happening, and where i was going.

i mean. comon'. who gets lost on a bike ride that they take every day?!?! [apparently: i. do.]

got to the boat house, and realized that i didn't bring any "regular clothes" for the day. only warm "morning practice" clothes, and lycra "go to the gym" clothes. yes folks, i love lycra. i also realized i forgot my cell phone.

lost in the morning. forgot clothes. wet feet from biking.

then, things were fairly normal. went to breakfast with the rowing team. (you get 1/2 price at that resto, before 9am! woo!) then dropped my bike off at "Cycle Pop". we shall see how that turns out. then, walked to school, and had pharmacology class. yup, i was wearing tight-ish fleece MEC pants, a puffy down jacket, and DC shoes. it was quite hilarious, i might say. it pretty much looked like i was ready to run up a snowy mountain (more on that later!). Then, lunch with my mum's close friend. (Most normal part of the day!).

then, off to the gym. Apparently, the athletic fees that we pay don't include the "fitness centre" at the athletic complex. sure, you can use the track, the pool, etc. but, nope. no fitness centre. anyway, i go, pay my 35$ for the semester (which is 15$ more expensive then the undergrads pay!), and attempt to find my way to the weight room.... can you say sketchy?! because i sure can. the trip to the room included a long hallway, stairs which seemed to lead to nowhere, and no windows. it started to downpour while in there, and when i exited to make my way to go visit my "community client." hopped on the bus, and then proceeded to fall asleep.

somehow, between the time of getting on the bus, getting off, and trying to make my way into the metro, i lost my bus ticket. ugh. so, go to add some more rides onto my card, and the machines "debit, and then refund" my purchase 3 times. really!?!?! finally get on the metro, then transfer to the last bus to get to the residential home. bus rear-ends the car in front.

yup. for real. i get off (at the same stop that i *always* get off at) and turn left. Not a problem, if i am meant to turn left... but, i am meant to turn right. Didn't realise it until 4 blocks in. so... semi lost. second time in a day...

going home, i was hailed on. and it was cold. and, it was windy. and, i didn't like it. then the bus fogged up so much that i thought that i was going to be in bus crash #2 of the day. so bad that the driver was saying "merde." it's a swear word ;)

i decided to call defeat, and go home, instead of arriving late for a "mcgill global health" talk/meeting. sigh.
but, i am now safe at home, and quite liked some of the big snowflakes that were falling when i got off the bus, and ready to have a weekend of coaching in Saratoga, New York. after a "nursings explorations" coference tomorrow. not mandatory.***

* please see the cutout newspaper article about my rowing team!**
**But, don't bother if you don't speak french.

***however, you know how it goes in a master's degree.
everything that is not mandatory is (in reality) mandatory.

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