Tuesday, October 6, 2009

going home at the end of the day...

to those of you who read this via a feed on facebook... it is much more exciting if you just link to my actual blog!

recently, one of my profs declared, "remember that no matter what, no matter how your day is going, you are going home at the end of the day. Your client, most likely, is staying at the hospital."

And, to me, that might be one of the statements that will form my nursing career. remember, that you are going home. last night, I had a good "dang, i want to go home right now" thought when going to bed. and, then i sent a text message to a number of my friends [the ones who believe. in. the. power. of. prayer] to get them to pray for me, just to know that i am supported. yesterday, was a day that was frustrating in my books. a frustrating email, a frustrating meeting, and a day where everything seemed to take longer than planned.

in addition, my running shoes were lost at the regatta on the weekend.
it was raining while i was on the water, and things got picked up. my shoes... well, we are now back in montreal, and i don't know where they are.

you are going home at the end of the day.

I woke up today, knowing that it is a new day, and that it is forecast to be beautiful outside. And it is. Not to much wind, not too many clouds in the sky, beautiful sun. the type of morning that rowers like to be on the water with. the type of morning, where, if you can take your mind off other things, it will bring joy to your heart. so, I will think about today, and not about yesterday, or the day before.

it is thanksgiving this weekend, and I think I am going to try and head out to toronto to spend the weekend with my aunt, uncle and cousin. I love thanksgiving: it brings thoughts of warmth to my mind. And, i love that for the past number of years, i get to celebrate twice. once for canadian thanksgiving, and once for american. the second is kinda a tradition since being in west virginia.

i got an email from my friend this morning that made me break into tears instantly. it was an email that made me realize how much love there is in this world, and how much people will go to the line for you if you need it. to my friend who is accessing this blog via satellite access: words can't express.

i am excited about the future in triathlon. this week, i got myself i coach!!! wooooo! i have a team, i have a coach, and i am getting some goals. and, to me, that is overly exciting. fan-fricken-tastic! and, i even have a former wvu rowing teammate/current extremely close friend who is once again a teammate! yay DLS!

you are going home at the end of the day.

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