Saturday, October 10, 2009

dream school and cervelos

so, I am sitting in Toronto (well, a suburb of..) at my uncle's place, and will be here for the next few days (it is a long weekend~ thanksgiving!), and i am soooo happy to be away from montreal for the weekend. everything has just been a little overwhelming the last little while, and i am due for a break.

my uncle has been doing triathlon and long distance running for a long time. he is a IM completer, and a current sprint tri affectiano... (is that a word?!) at any rate, we have good talks about and, sitting outside of the room i am staying in is a indoor trainer, and a nice light set of zipps.
His kids, my cousins, are also very athletic, working in bike shops, loving cross country ski racing, and running... i have another cousin on this side of my family (my mom's side) who is a 2:59 marathon runner. so, at any rate... there is at least there are a few of my family members who appreciates my little obsession.

talking about that... new set of running shoes on thursday. it was pretty funny, i went into the store, and was like "i am broke, so, i need the cheapest pair you have, that will get me as far as possible, and comfortable as possible." came out with a pair of sacony's. so, that will do the job for now.

it is now a little later in the day, and, I just got back from a great little bike ride with my uncle, north of the city. It is amazingly beautiful out there, we started riding at about 4pm, so that equals a nice fall afternoon ride. and, since i don't have my bike here, i got to ride one of the ones they have here. it is a little ride called a cervelo. *sigh* *loooonger sigh* i have said many times that when i ride a bike, i feel like i am flying. when i ride a bike like that, i feel like i am flying, but with less effort.... ;) but, let me tell you: this is a big announcement, so listen up. apparently, Don is going to be doing a cross country bike trip next summer. so, he said that in reality, the reason he was bringing me out for a ride was to see fit, and comfort level. 'cause, apparently, if next summer, I want to use it to race on... well, i can! WOOOOOT! yeeehaw! soooooo exciting!

in other exciting news.

i think that i am in dream school. i think school is a dream. how come i have never realized before now that nursing is apparently the area that I was created for. Every time I leave some sort of clinical placement (i am in "3" right now... one at a rehab hospital, one with a older adult at a community residence, and next week, starting at a pre-natal class), i am walking on clouds. nursing hits the care, the science, the relationship, that i have been looking for my whole life in a career. and i love it. it makes me feel like i have found the exact fit.

and, that makes me happy.

so, things are looking up :)

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