Tuesday, October 27, 2009

day in the life...

just sent this email to a friend of mine.

life is funny...

Have a physiology exam tomorrow night. sigh. so much work these days! but, i *love* physiology, so, that is okay. I am just worried that they will ask tricky questions....

rolled my ankle on a root last night on a evening run through the park. it was dark. ouch! and, i thought "oh, it will be fine." today, icing and elevation last night.....swolllllen!

made a decision about my first 70.3 in the spring... MOOSEMAN! in new hampshire, in early june. Yay! so excited!
when I was walking to school yesterday, I saw a man fall on his face. ironic thing was that it was about 50 meters in front of the door of a hospital. but, blood gushed *everywhere* and i was able to practice my "firstaid/nursing" skills :)

and, i think my contacts are in the wrong eyes this morning... ugh.

ha ha, that is about it! just a day in the life of amo!

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