Saturday, October 24, 2009

in saratoga...

for a regatta this weekend, coaching.
and it is raining.
a lot.
it sucks.
had to deal with an almost hypothermic girl this morning.
bad weather is not what i miss about rowing, and i am sooooo glad that I do not have to be on the water right now.

.... Despite the fact that is was sooooooooo wet today, (pretty much i stopped caring if i were walking in shin deep puddles with DC shoes on) we had a great day~ one of my girls one a medal in a single, and there were a couple of other strong performances and top 3 finishes! wooo!

at the end of the day, I was able to take off for a little 30 minute run. And, it was amazing. so beautiful! Saratoga Springs is so beautiful! the fall colours on the road that I ran down were incredible, and breath taking. And, it stopped raining. And, i could *smell* and *see* and *feel* and *hear* the fall. and, i remembered why i think the fall is my favourite season.

good day today... good day.

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