Thursday, October 15, 2009

macca on IM hawaii

so, robbed this off of simon whitfield's blog.

also, excited to say that my friend kristen melberg has just joined the same Tri team that I joined last week~ so, that means:
me, donna, kristen, and Coach Mary (the four of us with fleur de lys necklaces!!!) who raced in NOLA are going to be training together.... well, together meaning: via the internet....
here are Kirsten and i, post IMNOLA 70.3

and our spectathletes!

and, in other great news:
yesterday was a day of surprizes and answered.prayers.
got a package containing a beautiful gift from a friend in the mail.
got a letter from BC student aid with my new loan agreement in it, meaning that i can get that fricken thing processed!

sigh. yesterday was a good chapter in my story. well, maybe a mini addendum!

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