Sunday, August 17, 2008

MCAT test report

i have a feeling that an MCAT test report is not as fun as a race report. but, funny enough, i felt just as exhausted (maybe more so!) after writing the MCAT, as i did following a race. in the sense that all i wanted to do was sleep, and not do anything for about a day....

anyway, so going up to test day, i felt good. I was doing well on practice tests, completing them in time, and getting scores that i was pleased with. My stress level had decresed, and formulas were sticking in my head. I was loving life on the sunshine coast, spending days studying, and hanging out with a dog, drinking coffee and going for runs. ideal. I went to WA state on thursday night, got a decent sleep, and on friday, went to write the test.

section 1, Physics and general Chemistry: well, let's just say that i could've felt better with it. In fact, i felt like it went awful. After the section was done, i almost broke down and cried during my 10 minute break. it was rushed, i didn't answer all the questions, and the questions seemed like they were asking me all of the things i don't know, and nothing that i do know. So, i had a little talk with myself and said "get yourself together, you still have 3 sections left, and you can still do well. Trust. Know that you can do this."

section 2, Reading comprehesion: Again, felt like the reading passages were much longer than on the practice tests. Felt rushed, but felt good about the section. I felt like i have become much more efficient at reading since i have started my M.Sc. Program. so, i felt good there. got some momentum back.

Section 3, verbal reasoning: Felt great with this! my essays were complete, they had decent examples, and i the exams had good prompts, which was nice. one was "Ordinary citizens, not heroes, determine the history of a country." and, the other was something about Governments and decision making. so, i felt good with this as well. it is too bad that Med schools don't care as much about verbal reasoning, as they do about the other sections ;)

Section 4, organic chemistry, and bio: bio is my baby. normally, i am quite good with it. organic is pretty much the spawn of satan. i hate it. so, this makes this section a love-hate relationship. but, i think it went fine. I hope it went great. I answered all the questions, and there were only about 2 that i couldn't give an appropriate "educated guess" for. so, we shall see.

but, one thing that is for sure. I had no idea that one exam can take so much out of my physically, emotionally, and mentally. I have been a basket case in the last 10 days, and i wasn't even realizing it. i have cried at least 3 times since the test (once directly afterwards, and proceeded to stall the car i am driving, and not be able to start it again for a moment or two. ha!), and am relieved that it is over. I have no desire to ever have to write the test again. And, if i "tried my best, but don't succeed" then that is all that can happen. there are more vocations out there. like public health. or teaching. or both.

sigh. deep breath. everything will be okay. now it is time to focus on finishing this damn degree. time to focus on becoming a master of science. :)

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Amanda said...

congratulations, girlie... I will be hoping and praying for positive results. take care! *hug*