Sunday, August 10, 2008

calm before the storm

i think, that every once and a while, something happens that you can't explain.  

today was my first full day of "pre-MCAT relaxation and house/dog sitting" on the sunshine coast;  which, for those of you who are not BC'ers, is a small area north west of vancouver.  A short ferry ride away, but seems like worlds away.  

amazing, tall arbutus trees. wide open ocean.  
views of mountains.  silence. pristine beaches. hiking trails.

and, i don't know if it is from the encouraging emails that i have had in the past few days, from people who care about me, saying that they are thinking of me, are praying for me, or sending positive thoughts towards me.  or if it is the fact that i don't have to worry about going to work.  or if is that i have disconnected from my exam fear emotions.  i am not quite sure what it is.  

but, i know that tonight, while i was reviewing chemistry, i sensed it.  i sensed the calm.  perhaps one could call it peace.  

and, it wasn't just about the exam.  it was about life
 and it was about trust.

it was awesome to have some positive thoughts in my head.  that even though sometimes i might think i am an emotional basketcase, in reality, im not one. that although the path may seem crooked, i will arrive at my life vocation, however the trail leads. that the right people will come into my life when they need to, and then might subsequently might leave, if and when they need to.  

so, today.  tonight, 
i know that all of this will be okay.   

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Bonnieupnorth said...

It would seem that you are following a pattern in preparing for your MCATs that you do in your athletic training...go hard and then ease off this last week.Just want to let you know that as I watch the olympics and see swimmers and/or run into young women in my work I often am reminded of you and am so proud of all you have done. Lots of love,