Wednesday, August 6, 2008

UBC application...

so, i found out today, that i am ineligible to apply for medicine at UBC. which, automatically discludes me from applying to UNBC or UVIC. the reason why:

in highschool, on my CHem AP exam, i scored a 3. while this is good enough for credit in 1st year chemistry for West Virginia University, it is not sufficient as a prereq for med school at UBC. as well, the intro Biochem class at WVU is 5 hours, not 6. So, i am an hour short.

pretty much, it is a decision I made in 2001 which discludes me from applying; the only way in, would be if i were to take 2 terms of 1st year chemistry. BAH... what a piss off.

in other news, it is 8 Days until i write my MCAT. please, pray to whatever God you pray too, so that i end up doing well. Cause, this is my passion. It is my desire. and, i really want to do well, so that i can pursue that.

also, i am currently in contemplation about doing something that is very outside of my character. perhaps a little silly, even. perhaps with risk of great failure. but, i am trying to figure out if it is the right thing to do. pray for my decision in it, that my emotions do not complicate the appropriate and right thing to do. And, that i listen to not only my heart, but also my mind... and that those two things would align.

okay. that is it for me. quite a rollercoaster this week.

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