Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so ticked off!

you know when things happen that ticks you off, and you could do nothing at all to change it after you made the decision!?

almost like a speeding ticket. you can get so ticked off that you got nabbed by the cops. but, really, nothing you can do, except pay it. it was your choice to go to fast.

or, like a going to see a matinee, because it is supposed to be cheaper, only to find out that they have changed ticket prices so that they are the same, all the time, no matter what show you go to see.

or, like getting gas at one station, because it is the cheapest that you have seen in a while, only to drive around the block and find it uniformly cheaper everywhere else.

or, like posting a ad on craigslist to sell a chair at a reasonable price, only to find out the real value of the chair later, after you have someone scheduled to see the chair, and you cant change the price. and, the realization that you could have sold it for at least 75-100$ more expensive, but it is to late.

i made a decision a few days ago, only to find out today that had i held out, i would've saved 50$ Damn. argh. so upset. but, i can't be upset, cause i made the decision to go ahead, when i probably should have waited.... psh. i hate it when that happens. oh, the irony.

and. today, when i was eating lunch out on the poarch while studying, a deer walked across the lawn. oh, nature. oh, idealism. how i love thee.

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