Friday, August 22, 2008

Beijing 2008 olympics

So,  the olympics have almost come and gone.  And, as we well know, there has been controversy and debate and drama and victories and lots of late night television watching.  

I love the olympics.  And, i love the summer olympics, more so than the winter games, which might surprize some canadians.  but, really, think of the sports that i have been invloved in in my life.  swimming.  rowing. cycling. soccer. volleyball.  they are all summer game events.  And, as well, i would like to say that if you put a high paced race in front of me, it almost does not cease to amaze, and entertain me.  but, for these games, here are some of the things i have enjoyed, in no particular order.

  • That I know two participants in the games.  Malcolm Howard who won in the men's 8+. Congrats Malcolm!  I know him from high school, we graduated from Brentwood together.  Megan Metcalfe, who I was a competitive swimmer with in childhood, but also was a varsity athlete with at West Virginia University;  she was on track, and i rowed.  She competed in the 5000 m running race, and did her country proud with making the finals. :) 
  • watching the cuba-USA women's volleyball match.  Cuba was favoured for perhaps a first place medal, and the USA a weaker team. HOwever, for some reason, Cuba fumbled.  a lot.  I was really getting into, and wanting them to win.  But the US got it in 3 amazing sets.
  • Sport events that i would never ever watch in real life end up exciting me.  Like, Race walking, where the winner walked 50km's in 3:37 minutes.  that is wayyyyyy faster than i run.  and, they have a funny swagger when they walk.  or, trampolining. or, the decathalon, where people still do things like throw a discus.  or, marathon swimming; i mean, i swim about 2.5km every week in the open water.  I can't imagine doing 10km!!! or, the modern pentathlon?  i mean, really.  seriously folks, can you choose one sport, or do you have to do them all? :)
  • the bombardier canada commercial.  love it. 
  • canoeing and kayaking.  Dang.  those guys are beasts.
  • Simon Whitfield, throwing off his hat, and deciding to bring it on the triathlon.  all i can think, is that at that moment he thought: "screw this, i want to win.  the time is now. i will win this race." screaming at the TV while watching.
  • the black women in track and field.  I love their attitudes, their hair, their nails, and their eye make up.  so much drama, and spunk. it is like they wake up in the morning and just decide "mmmm, im going to be the fastest woman in the world today.  and, then after i race, i am going out dancing."
  • all the hot bodies.
  • oh yes, and, of course, the now famous Mr Bolt.  


Megan said...

I'm glad it arrived safely! Did my "letter" get to you as well? For some reason I was afraid I'd used the wrong e-mail address. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts. :) I fear I may have gone a bit overboard...but when you've been waiting 13 months I suppose there isn't really an "overboard"....I hope it doesn't all suck!

Bonnieupnorth said...

Megan Metcalfe's video on utube of qualifying in July is

Megan said...

Also - I introduced my roommate to Amelie last night. At the part near the end when Amelie is watching the video that had been left for her, my roommate shouted "I LOVE this movie!" And I thought of you.