Friday, August 8, 2008

roller coaster of emotions!

Outward bound quote of the day:
"Find out what you want, imagine things as you want them, build new ideas of life, stop believing that some people are lucky and some must be poor, change your ideas and find that life is a beautiful adventure, that each day brings new opportunities to those who will lift their eyes above the everyday grind. "
- Venice Bloodworth

okay, people. MCAT date: t-7days. im telling myself "you will get a score of 30." even though, most moments, i don't believe it.

I am scared. nervous. stressed out of my mind. unable to turn my mind off. anxious. wanting to have a good cry. wishing that i could just be brilliant, and that this knowledge would be a natural talent.

that is all for now. with all of this going on, and more, i ate a 1/3 of a two litre container of icecream last night. first as a rootbeer float, then as a strawberry milkshake. soooo much for the fight for losing weight ;) LOL. kidding.... just means that i have to make sure i don't skip workouts! i have lost about 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks, which i am pretty excited about :) perhaps, i will be a faster racer for the Vancouver Tri, on labour day!??!

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