Friday, March 18, 2011

things i love and things i hate.

This morning, I handed in my methods section of my research proposal. with that handed in, i only have 9 things left between me and the end of the semester (HA!). sighhhhh but, i love getting things done, and handing them in. After this post, back to work, since all weekend long i will be in a "pre departure workshop" with all the other students going to overseas locations in the fall. during my off times, i will be doing my long ride, and long run.

and since, i am pretty much posting on a weekly basis, here are some MANY not-so-random thoughts...

today, reading the paper about Japan, I almost started crying. The earth is shifting, and moving, and reminding us of it's power, and how we are but small things in a HUGE picture. but, i do wish that when the earth reminds us of this (like the volcano in iceland, or earthquake in new zealand, or the volcano currently in indonesia, or haiti, or floods in pakistan) it wouldn't have to be with such devestation.

so, i discovered something today while thinking about lunch. as ironic as it may seem, i LOATHE making salads. I love salads, though. I love the things that are in them, i love eating them, and i love what they look like. the problem stands between me and making them. they take a really long time to make. i just don't like chopping things up (so, forget the whole "chop your veggies on sunday so you can just reach in and grab them" thing...)! why couldn't all things be created in bite-size pieces?

my "lenten vows" have been going well, for the most part. I have found the "turning off the computer at 9:30" the hardest. not going to lie. i don't. but, i only keep it on after 9:30 to (a) do school work, and (b) talk to the boy i like. and, more often than not, he ends up reading me my "psalm of the night." which, i love. other things, like no dairy is going well... though it sneaks in there when least expected (Like in soups! or when i am so accustomed to chocolate milk post workout... oops! forgot!).

on my run the other day, i ran buy a shop which had this fun shoulder bag in the window. and it clicked to me how much i love bags. not purses... bags. i love practical backpacks, and LOVE over the shoulder/courier bags. i have owned many in my life (one of my favs being a "hippie-ish corduroy and hemp bag), and often wish i had more...but, they gotta be practical, and unique.

talking about things i like, today, walking back from my swim, i stopped into a small boutique close to here that I always walk buy, and oogle at the clothing in the window, knowing that it would be WAY to expensive for my (very) limited budget. but, i had time, i was strolling, so, i peaked in. and, yes, sure enough, Body Bag by Jude had beautiful clothing. but, FAR too expensive for a student. so, i was just looking, and was instantly drawn to this stunning strapless, in white, with a "map" design on it. price: 318$. sighhhh. the girl working there, then said "oh, all of these racks are on sale, and that rack in the back has 'descripencies,' so they are on 60% off..." sure enough. same dress. in black. in large. i try it on. and, i don't even get stuck in it (if you remember my last dress trying on extravaganza...) so, what is 318$-60%+tax? it is about 140$. less than a price of running shoes. so, here it is. and, here am i. i love being an athlete, and being girly.

which reminds me. i hate this time of year, because i am sooo broke. i know that i shouldn't be buying dresses and running shoes when i am this broke. but, i am quite good with my money, in general. those things are allowed. but, i am sure thankful that I will be graduating in spring of 2012, because Quebec gov't announced yesterday that tuition is going to increase by about 325$ a year over the next 5 years. students will definently be feeling that. though, they did also increase the amount of grants that will be offered. i also hate this time of year because despite the snow melting, it ends up revealing all the things that people did not discard in garbage cans all winter long. and, also it reveals all the dog poop that people did not pick up.

though, i love this time of year because running feels like this (thanks Donna!).

last night, i was in discussion with the boy i like about time management. sometimes he really wonders how i am able to be doing a Master's of Nursing, and also have the time to fit in ___ hrs of training each week. And, honestly, i have no idea, sometimes. but, it shed light on the fact that maybe i am more of a type A personality than i think better at time management than i think. or, i am just a hermit and do nothing but school and training. i'm not in awe of what i do each week. many times it feels like too much. but, a quote from modern family might be accurate: Phil: She has to run everyday or she goes crazy, she's like a Border Collie. (Claire: Did you just compare me to a dog?)

i am amazed how much my readership stats have dropped since i am not on facebook. it kinda makes me sad. but, it makes me happy that i am not wasting time on FB. though, i am wasting time on twitter, and you can follow my tweets HERE. you can also follow Mary, my coach at train-this. and others of our team... like alexa or coachkelly or turbo curbeau or deb or greg or mark.

and i have SOOOOO much more that i could keep on writing on. but, instead, i am going to take a nap. then do some school work, a bike ride, and hopefully some more school work. but, i am going to nap, 'cause it is friday afternoon. and, to get through this weekend, i have to be well rested. but, not only that, but it is the end of my second 3 week strength block, and these days, my body does not seem as if it can get through a day without a nap


Kelly said...

I loved this post...the dress - AMAZING!!

Scott said...

um, yeah, so my gf doesn't smack me in the back of the head I will just say ditto to what kelly said.