Monday, March 14, 2011

it finally feels like spring's a coming!

I am super duper tired. no matter what, it seems as if i can't get enough sleep each night. but, thus is life. so, just sayin that this post is prolly going to be short...

training is crazy these days...

i am in the last week of my second strength/tempo block of the winter. And, one of the things about these weeks, is that running is loaded to the front end of the week. on sunday, i have a long run. on monday, an hour endurance. on tuesday, a 45 min tempo effort, doing mile repeats. and, i don't know about you, but, many times, i thin that running is the necessary evil attached to the end of two beautiful activities. i am not a runner. but, something has clicked in the last few weeks. all of a sudden, i have learnt to run in my zones. this has been a LONG time coming. I remember many many post-workout comments of "are you sure that you want me running in HR zones that low? i can bike in them... but, running, my HR can't stay below 150..."

now, i feel like i am moving like a snail. but, i am in those damn zones. and, you know what? running is becoming more enjoyable. it doesn't feel like i kill myself every time. gasp. what a shocker, right? but, really. acutally being able to run in my zones (endurance=120-136, tempo 137-142) and not go super hard makes me incredibly happy. i feel successful when i am able too.

anyway, yesterday, on my long run, i did it in the evening. and, i thought within the first 10minutes, "oh god. i am going to overheat." and today, i thought "hmmmm, 5:30pm, and i am running in the sun." after a week and a half of horrendous weather, and terrible conditions in the streets, it is warm, it is sunny, and it is dry. though, i have also realized i have a desperate need for new running shoes... these runs are making me far to sore than normal. but... YAY! this means that spring is a comin'!!!!

school is crazy these days...
this week alone, i have 2 presentations, and one methods section of my research proposal due. Between now and April 15th (not including the above), i will have a research proposal, a final nursing theory paper, a final family nursing intervention paper, a group concept map, a therapeutic letter to my community nursing family, a ICU patient write up, a presentation on my ICU physical assessments, a clinical log book of my ICU assessments, a physical assessment exam. so, to say the least, it NEVER ends. RIDICULOUS i say. ridiculous.

i have no social life. i do school. i train. i eat. i sleep. that is all. ridiculous.

the weekend was crazy...
the boy i like came to visit from thursday to sunday. and, it was LOVELY. i can't wait to see how his photos from the weekend turn out. for i couldn't find my camera charger, until literally within 30minutes of him walking out the door.

but, we did things like LOTS of walking. and eating yummy food. and talking about how great the decemberists are. and watching movies. and seeing butterflies at the botanical gardens. and going to the top of the mountain to look at the city at night. and having waffle brunch with leanna and charles at their new place. and taking photos of the two of us in tacky, colourful aviator sun glasses. and going to church. and kissing. yup, we kissed and acted like stupid high schoolers. but. you know. we never see each other. we are allowed to make people gag with how cute we are.

last weeks training numbers. if you care.
Swim: 2hr
Bike: 5hr 45 min
Run: 4hr 10min
Strength: 1.5 hrs
total: 13.5 hr

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