Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weeks like this make me happy. Top 5 neat things...

first off, it is a recovery week. It means: more time for school work. More time to see friends. More time to sleep. More time to focus on good nutrition. All things i like.

secondly, the forecast is amazing. that means lots of outside commuting, and sunshine to wake me up in the morning, and crisp nights. it means extra free energy. its not warm. but it is sunny and dry.

thirdly, lots of things for school are wrapping up. i just had my last family nursing meeting. Tomorrow, I will do a final OSCE for my physical assessment class. I will have my last clinical rotation feedback class. all of this means papers are soon to be due, and presentations are to be had, but, in general, there is an end to this story of the semester.

fourth, i ROCKED master's swimming last night. We had a 1000m warm up, then a pyramid, that included 50/100/200/400/200/100/50 sprint/fast bits, with recovery distances in between. Normally, my "go to" T-Time for 100m is 1:30, fairly consistently. let's just say that the times were close to this: :35/1:17/2:45/5:45/2:49/1:21/:36 all i gotta say is that i am pretty sure that is an improvement. i felt strong, and i felt consistant. YAY! improvement in my swimming?! that is a shocker! but, i also just found out that my Ironman 70.3 Honu race in Hawaii in June is a mass swim start, not a wave start. And, that kinda freaks me out!!!!

fifth, in a "business manner" I have been adding to my blog roll. All of the following people, I know, and I consider friends. but, they are blogging about pretty neat things. I will not say just who they are, because i know at least a few of them may choose to say anonymous.
  • Blogging from Montreal, Skinnypants is talking about her journey with obesity (and current healthy weight loss!), and all the different perspectives that play into this.
  • Blogging from Vancouver, Ruth is blogging about her Journey with Love overcoming an eating disorder, mental illness, spirituality, and the steps she lives on a day to day basis.
  • Blogging from the USA, Just a Dude is blogging about being a gay man in a very conservative cultural setting: the Egyptian Coptic Church.
  • Blogging for, Mary is going to be writing a column about females in the sport of triathlon.
Lastly, I wanted to post a video that made me VERY proud. The every hilarious Rick Mercer recently did a segment on the Rowing Program at my old high school, Brentwood (where I learnt to row, and it brought me amazing places, for which i am eternally grateful...). It is really neat the history of rowing that comes from brentwood. Especially since one of those olympians who got a gold medal in the men's 8+ at the last olympics was in my graduating class. Neat. it is REALLY neat to know people who have made huge steps in their athletic careers. very motivational, since it brings olympic champions to a level outside of a "superstar" persona, to a "regular, dedicated person."

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