Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a little lenten lovely...

yep. it is mardi gras. And, I *did* eat pancakes. not for dinner, but, for breakfast. Though, they were pancakes made with a banana, two eggs, almond flour and flax seed. So, not real pancakes. but no, i did not drink myself into a stupor, or flash my breasts at anyone for beads. Though... i DO believe that at least one point in my life i need to make it down to NOLA to do that. or celebrate Carnival...

so, cue religiosity (even though, i definitely like to say that i am "spiritual", rather than religious. but, here it is. deal with it. i believe in God. and, I also have to admit. i do have some religious tendencies as well. for instance. i am a sucker for traditions)

but, yes. Mardi Gras means that tomorrow starts lent. and, if you don't know what lent is, technically, it is the 40 days before Easter (minus the sundays). it is 40 days, because that is supposedly how long Christ spent in the desert at the beginning of his ministry. but, 40 days is also one of the fall back lengths of time in the bible. for instance, we see noah spending 40 days on the arc. we see jonah gave 40 days to a big bad city. moses spent 40 days on mount sinai having a ridiculous encounter with god. you get the point. 40 days. what that means... in real life, it translates into... a long time. seriously. that is all it is supposed to mean... jesus spent a long time in the desert. noah spent a long time in the arc, and moses spent a long time on the mountain.

but, back to Jesus. he pretty much did this crazy fast, and that is why early christians god this CRAZY (there it is again...c.r.a.z.y) idea that as humans, we should do this as well. perhaps it is because many times, God calls us to be like him. so, some people a long time ago decided that christians (especially the liturgical ones like me) should do a fast over Lent. it is definitely strange. or, even, kinda masochistic...!?!?!

Ever since I was a child (a few years missed here and there), i have given something up. Normally, it has been caffeine and chocolate. This year, i want to do a little different. 4 things. each challenging in their own way.

1: because it is a waste of my time, and frankly, lame... FIRING FACEBOOK. done. i'll miss scramble with the boy i like, though.
2: because i want to sleep more, and with better quality, UNPLUGGING UTILITIES (ok. not every utility. just my computer) at 9:30 each night.
3: because i tend to never read the bible, i will REDISCOVER READING a psalm before i go to sleep each night.
4: because i want to see how it makes me feel (yup, i am kinda copying Kelly) DENYING DAIRY (except for whey protein, and non-fat greek yogurt). and, honestly, in the last week, i have been eating a few more pastries again. those are definitely gone for lent.

so, big goals. the arguement against lent being self-gratifying-self-inflicting-denial and pain is that in our fast, we are to grow closer to God. And, to tell you the truth, I have been learning a lot in my life lately. and, maybe it is just that i am learning. i am experiencing. i am thinking. i am feeling. but, maybe... God is working a little somethin' somethin' in my life these days. who knows what is going on.

but, i do, honestly, hope that this lenten fast can not only make me feel better physically, but, also allow myself to grow closer to the one who knows the true being of my soul.

and, ps. all of this is going to happen after i drink the milk that is left in my fridge, and finish the cereal (cause, really... cereal is kinda like a pastry) which is on my shelf. ;)


Alexa said...

I shall miss you on facebook!

Kelly said...

Okay...so as long as I can finish up the cream in my fridge and greek yogurt is allowed, I'm in with no dairy for lent (w/ the exception of the weekend that I go to NYC in April with my sister...so maybe I shouldn't call it a lenten sacrifice, but mere sacrifice...) What say you?