Friday, March 25, 2011

Starting and Finishing the day on a win!

So, yesterday, i found out that the class i normally have on Friday's was not happening. Know what that means? It means that this morning, I was able to wake up to the sunshine coming through my windows, rather than waking up to my alarm. I don't have to be anywhere until 3:30 this afternoon.

I will spend the day doing school work in my PJ's, then go buy an aeropress... (The boy i like is saving me from drinking crappy, instant coffee in the morning. That's a reason why i like him. he values the coffee snob in me.) Then, I will head down to the rowing bassin (on my bike... it will be my 1hr recovery ride, there and back) to coach the boys of Selwyn House School. I kinda (and, in kinda, i mean, really) like coaching these kids. It just brings the fun back into rowing. And, it also means that I get to take full control over the program, because the other "coach" knows pretty much nothing at all about rowing. Then, back to mile end for some Yoga and evening with my friend Annie.

Yesterday, I started and ended my day with Wins.

In the morning, I had an OSCE at the ICU. I practiced my assessment skills for about and hour, and then my TA came to do the exam. and, la de da... I cot a 23/25 on my Chest Assessment. And, you want to know what I lost points on?!?! I found it quite funny, because this is the thing i am BEST at in my nursing practice: I lost a point bedside manner. i didn't explain what i was doing to the patient (who... let me just add, was under deep sedation and intubated, and it was the second time i had done the assessment on him...). but yes. i know, i need to explain, even if they are sedated. which i do all the time. i just was flustered from the exam process. the other thing i lost a point on was that there were 2 times where I had forgotten something (i.e. including during my inspection, vocalizing that i would be listening for breathing sounds, and looking for nail clubbing), and went back to them, later in the the assessment. So, i went out of order. But, all that being said... i did good!

at the end of the day, just before i was going to sleep, i got this email from one of my supervisors:

Hey Amelia,

I know Anita is away right now, but I just finished properly reading through your lit review and I just wanted to tell you that I thought you did a wonderful job. I know this has been challenging to work on this project with so little feedback from Malawi and from me and Anita too. You did great (an impressive ref list too!). I just though you should know.

and... that is a really great way to end the day. WIN!

on sunday, I will be racing Courses et Marche Populaires de Lasalle. Last year, i did it, the weather was pretty crappy. But, i am pretty stoked on running a 5km this weekend, because how often do you get to taper for a 5km? NEVER! but, i will tell you when you do... when you have a scheduled recovery week the week before! My running has been going well (despite it feeling like it is going SLOW), but, i am nailing my zones lately in training. So, here's to hoping that the recovery week, combined with the smart training is going to translate into a FAST 5km. My hope is for a 22min race. Last year, it was 23:09. This year will be sunny (but COLD). That pace is for a just about a 4:25 KM. so, we shall see. i think, attainable. my other goal, is to pull my elbows in!!!! (and... not run with a flat foot strike.)

finally, i think you will notice my new little Wibiya toolbar at the bottom of my blog. i found it on my friend's blog, and it is super neat... i know that i say that i don't care how many people read my blog. but, sometimes i am curious. and, i DO like it when people follow what is going on. so, this is just another way to track that... and make it easier for other people to follow along.

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