Sunday, March 28, 2010

5km race, and dancing in spandex!

so, what a weekend.

it was really my first weekend in a long time (at least all of march!) where I have not spent the entire time stressing out about school work. What a relief. I was able to spend time with friends, I was able to laugh. I was able to race. I was able to go to palm sunday service. i was able to not think about school for a while (right now, though, I am back at it.)
Let's talk a little about what was going on.

Friday night started with not one, but 2 birthday parties.

first it was louis-andre, at Hurley's pub. Louis, and Steph are two of the UdM rowers. And they are fantastic, and It was sooo enjoyable to have see them, since I haven't been able to coach for the last month.

Second, it was my favourite man nurse, Will. Will takes fantastic photographs, but, I am not so sure I look great in this. However, here we are. Happy birthday Will. I am glad you are in my life!

Then came saturday. All I did on saturday was sleep in until 11:30 (what are you expecting after two birthday parties?!!?), catch up on a bit of house cleaning, ride my bike for 2 hours while watching rent, and then went to the bell centre (where the Canadian's play.) Me, leanna, and another friend, Ben, were going to stand there and raise money for our team in Training endevours. but, we got there, and lo-and-behold, there were cute hockey playing children raising money as well. so, we knew that we would be useless there. So, we made out way downtown, and stood on corners, clad in spandex, our TNT shirts, and neon headbands, and jars. We would yell things like "i'm not just standing here in spandex for nothing. Donate to cancer." and ben: "do you love life? do you love money? then donate!" "Nous courons les demi-marathon pour la societe de leucemie et lymphome. Aidez-nous!!!" it was hilarious. and, literally, i was bouncing up and down so much, and running in place, and whooping, and yelling for 2 hours straight.

and, we made 150$ each (300$ in total). so, not too shabby. Look out for us on the streets of Montreal. Cause we will be there! (hopefully take some pictures next time!!!)

And, finally: today!
I got to run a 5km race! :) yay! it has been ages since I ran the last time. It was wayyyyy out yonder, in lasalle. but, it was a fairly big race. Which, is always fun, and a super flat (but windy!) course. We tested nutrition for a longer race, which was kinda fun. Meaning, that I got to eat a nice pancake breakfast on saturday. Had some pasta on saturday night. And, it has been ages since I have eaten pasta... I used to love it!! now... just meh. but pancakes?! still love!

so, woke up this morning, not really feeling 100%, and feeling like I was going to be late, so the stress was a unnerving. But, got there, and it was coooold out. I was worried that I would be underdressed on my upper body, but I was okay. After the warm up, i was okay. SO, get going on the race, and we go 3 times around a few blocks. one half of each loop into a head wind, one half feeling like no wind. So, every time I turned that corner, i planted myself behind another girl to draft. Kinda cheating. Kinda wise. But, i started off, and I wanted to hit somewhere between 4:30-4:45/km. knowing that 4:30/km is fast for me. quite fast.

I started off, and told myself to chill out a bit. quick cadence, remember that a goal was pacing. first mile, second mile, and 3rd being within 5 seconds on either side of each other. drop the hammer with about 1/2 mile to go. and, i felt pretty rock on. i think it is a personal best, but not 100% sure.

and, for a 5km, that is pretty much as much of a report as i have to offer.

so, here are the stats.
chip time: 23:07.0
overall time: 23:12.3
avg pace: 4:39.0
age group (women 20-29): 11/37
overall women: 47/182.
first lap (1.6km... 1mile ish): 7:41
second lap (1.6km again): 7:38
3rd lap (1.8km): 7:55.

some shots from the run.

#1: when i sucked a lemon, then went to run.

#2: when the girl beside me almost had a physical breakdown because she was breathing too hard.

#3: when i got annoyed at my garmin for not counting laps. and when i realized that I am twice the size of both of the other runners beside me. oh right. I am 6 ft tall. you, however look about 4ft tall.

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