Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Deadlines looming

SO, this morning, I was out for an endurance run. In the rain, and just above freezing. It was one of those runs where you think "if it is like this on race day, i will be trained. repeat to self. if it is like this on race day, I will be prepared. oh.... what the hell! it is not going to be like this on race day! what am I doing out here?" it was dark. cold. my feet were wet. and, the only thing that seemingly got me through it was the fact that misery loves company. there were other runners out this morning.

at least I am not the only crazy one.

it brought great comfort to see others out there, doing the things that we love to do. to have the chance to do the things we love to do.

I have been a little stressed out, and very tired in the last days. I had no weekend. I have papers to write, and lectures to give, and labs to teach, and deadlines to achieve. right. that deadline.

when I run, I think. Unlike when I am on the bike, or when I am swimming. Running, despite it being the hardest of the three disciplines in triathlon for me, running is where I get my best thinking done. Sometimes I think about school. sometimes I think about faith. Sometimes I think about racing.

but, this morning, I thought about cancer. I thought about the stress that I am feeling, because of the fundraising deadline that is upcoming. On april 9th, I have to have a "Recommitment" and at least 25% of my funds raised for Team in Training. I am currently at 12%. the gifts that people have given, are going to change lives.

but, what I thought about, is that the stress that I am experiencing right now is nothing. NOTHING. compared to the stress that families of people with blood cancer experience. I am dealing with raising money. They are dealing with their lives, and relationships, and living not knowing definite outcomes. I am stressed for a few months. They are stressed for years. for a lifetime.
and, when I think of it like that, it really gives perspective.

TODAY. right now, give a gift. Partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society (and myself) to help change lives. Your donation goes far. You are giving life and research and hope.

Click here to sponsor me on Team In Training.

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