Saturday, March 6, 2010

lots of work, small cauldrons, and giant penguins.

Preparing for the busiest week of the semester! friday, in all aspects, was a good day: fantastic day at clinical, followed by a bit of time at the athletic centre for some "functional training" and a swim, where i was sharing a lane with some super fast graduate students, who proceeded to include me in their workout and subsequently kick my ass. good times :) then, since i was ravenous, i went to a friend's to cook myself some dinner: sauteed portobellos with a bit of mozza on top of a veggie paddy, brussel sprouts, a wee piece of trout, and glass of red wine+spending quality time with a friend=fantastic.

but, all in all, the 3 assignments, presentation, mid-term and the start for the lab in the class that i am TA'ing (oh, the joys of graduate school!) that I have next week are keeping me busy today and tomorrow, that is for sure.


had a long run this morning. felt great to be in the sun to start the weekend off.

random point of the week: on my thursday bike ride, I was out by the olympic stadium, and it was strange. first, the montreal olympic cauldron is the smallest cauldron i have ever seen. in addition, there were people dressed like giant penguins. not something you see every day. ha! i am laughing about it right now when i think about it.

stolen from my mum, a photo of her, and my uncle, and me at T.O airport, on way back from bahamas, last weekend. And, on the bottom, her and i at the Nassau airport... i make fun of her for liking taking airport photos. when you travel, you look like crap why would you ever want a photo taken at that point!?!?

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Bonnieupnorth said...

Because maybe that is the last time you will be togther for awhile...