Wednesday, March 31, 2010

exciting stuff!

so, it is almost tomorrow, and I am still awake.

I have a lecture in the morn, at 8:30, and I am still working on the slides. ooooops. Apparently, I still have been tired. but, at least I have a wide open afternoon, that can allow me to workout in the afternoon, and evening, instead of the morning and afternoon.

I had a great meeting tonight with my coach, after the team "webinar." kinda crazy to think that there was 20 other people "in attendance." Anyway, we talked about testing, and bike commuting, and swimming, and run form, and race schedule and nursing and nutrition.

right. and race schedule.
so, here is what we have come up with :) kinda exciting to have this a bit more solidly planned!!!! woohoo!

18 April: Montreal scotiabank ½ marathon

May 10th: chambly duathlon

June 6th: Mooseman70.3

June 19th : mayor’s 1/2 marathon.

July 11th: graham Beasley olympic Tri (Carleton place, ottawa)

August 8th: Ste-Agathe Olympic Tri

September 4th: Canadian 1/2 iron, Ottawa

"Courage is not a freedom from fear; it is being afraid and going on. Once you have looked fear in the face and have overcome it, you can do it again and again."

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