Sunday, March 21, 2010

feeling the changes

So, at about this time, last week, when I got my training schedule, I looked and got excited. Since I started working with Mary, i started with a nice easy 5-6 hrs a week. it then jumped to about 9, and then for two weeks, I have had 12 hr training weeks planned. The first one, I was a sick dog. so, it was hit and miss... this week, though... nailed it.

some of the changes that have taken place:
  • last saturday I did my first brick workout. 2hrs bike. 30 min run. and, despite the fact that it was raining ice, the whole workout felt amazing. totally one of those "let's get psyched!" workouts.
  • this week, I discovered a 2.50$ yoga class at mcgill, that actually fits into my schedule. and, then I got the whole "oh yeah! go for yoga! it counts as functional training!" And, it reminded me of how much "progressive overload" is good for you. The whole thing about moving your body in new ways, is that it places a stress on it, and it has to accommodate. Yoga stressed my body. I felt it on saturday. I still feel it today. but it feels sooooo good.
  • had a great run yesterday morning. things are getting long. and, when things get long, and it feels good, that is showing you that you are getting ready. it also makes you realize that your GI needs to be trained. I was soooo thankful for the Esso at Km 9!

I have been teaching labs for the class that I am a TA for. And, despite the extra time, and a little bit of extra stress that this places on my life.... it is so much fun. I love teaching students. I love learning; and, as you teach, you learn. the information that you are getting from the students is information that may be new, or may be old, but you haven't thought about it for a long time.

I have known for a long time that I like teaching. I like it, because it challenges people. I like it because you can interact with people. i like it because it expands peoples views. i like it, because knowledge is power. And, I guess what is really cool about this whole experience is that it makes me want to do more. It confirms the thought that I do want to have a portion of my career to incorporate teaching. nurse educator? clinical practice? rural-clinic starter? african lady? checks after all of those. those are things that i would like. Those are things that I would love.

My last Ped's rotation was on friday. And, I am relieved, but I am also really sad about the whole thing. This TB clinic ped's rotation has been the best rotation that I have had so far at school. a little excerpt from my recent "Reflective journal..."

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