Sunday, March 6, 2011

i have 11 songs with "ain't" in the title.

This weather is LAME! yesterday, it downpoured all day long, and was melting snow. Today, it has changed to snow, and it accumulating like crazy. and, you want my bet... that walking outside will be hazardous, because there is probably a large sheet of ice underneath this nice blanket of snow. deadly. and, i have no desire to do a long (1.5hrs) run on the treadmills at the Y. Esp. since you are only supposed to run on them for 30 minutes at a time.

spring, please come soon.

so, I have been a bit moody this week. I think that it started off with my concept map presentation early this week, in which I felt I did awful. I sent a follow up email about it, which did make me feel better about it. just because i felt like I was able to voice some of my thoughts. so, hopefully i won't fail. But, my guess, is that I will get about 60%. Which, in my program is a fail. and, i hate that.

On thursday night, I also had a 3hr long conversation with the boy that i like. and, to tell you the truth, we talked about LOTS of different things. from the good, the bad, and the indifferent. and, those conversations are good. they are needed. but, they aren't always easy. because the biggest thing about them is that you are constantly reminded how much relationship challenges us. whether it be friendships, or family, or teammates, or partners, or roommates, or... anyone. relationships are needed. but, they are also challenging. we learn a lot about ourselves though them, as we are learning about the other person. I guess the biggest thing these days (and, you may interpret this wrong, but, I don't care ;) ) that i am learning is how much selfishness can interfere with servanthood.

ok, i am going to stop there, because sometimes, things are meant to be kept off the blog. but, think about it for a minute.

last night, i got to connect with someone who i haven't seen for about 5 years. Someone from my days at IVCF Pioneer Camps. it was wonderful, and, I am excited to be able to hang out with her again, as she will be in Montreal for the rest of the spring, completing her IVCF internship.

today, I am at the end of the 1st week of my 2 strength training block. These blocks are 3 weeks long. The first one was tough. This one is tougher. hours are up. Challenging workouts are up. there are all out efforts. there are mile repeats. there are more strength sessions per week. there are long bikes longer than i have ever gone before. And, not going to lie. but, my body is a bit sore today. and, i still have that run to do. but, here are the numbers:
swim: 2hrs, 5900m
bike: 5.5hrs
run: 3hrs
strength: 2hrs weight, 1 hour yoga.

finally, i put into my itunes "ain't" as a search term, since Brett Dennan's "Ain't no reason" is one of my top played songs in my library. here is what came up. who knew that there would be so many!!! Here is the Ain't no better playlist...

Ain't no reason, brett dennen
ain't no love, david gray
bitches ain't shit, ben folds five
ain't no sunshine when shes gone, cat stevens
life ain't what it seems, john butler trio
ain't it the life, foo fighters
ain't life sweet, po'girl
say it ain't so, weezer
it don't mean a thing, if it ain't got the swing, duke ellington
Harmonize, nice-n-smooth (from ain't a damn thing changed)
ain't misbehaving, louis armstrong.

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