Monday, March 7, 2011

when crazy comes to town...

so, yesterday was NOT as it was expected to be. I guess, the weekend was not as it expected to be. yesterday, after I posted my post, i ran out the door (Late, as always on a sunday morn) to head to church. Walked around the corner, saw a man peeing in a corner. fan-fricken-tastic. is *this* how the day is going to go?

it got better.

got to church, and had a good start to the service. We have recently had a influx of people who are closer to my age, which is great. Considering, at my church, we have all of about 15 people who regularly attend. and, there is about 2 who are my age. anyway, i disgress. i often go to churches which are not your "run of the mill" church. so, this one fits well in my life. i find it also very "new testament." but, we also are a church which is kinda "on the fringe." on the fringe, meaning, well, we often have crazy people come into the service. and, when I say crazy, i mean crazy... like, often being treated for mental illnesses... or homeless, or just plain odd ducks. and, that's ok. because it just makes it colourful. it makes it a little bit more like what church is supposed to be like... it doesn't matter who you are, or what you do, or what is going on in your life.... you should feel that you can come in.
and... disclaimer.
i don't use "crazy" as derogatory.
i just use crazy, because sometimes, it is the most accurate thing.
because you and i and everyone around us...
we are all crazy that "Crazy person on the bus" at one time or another.
just think about it.
you can think of the last time you were the crazy one.

but, every once and a while, crazy brings mass disruption. and, since, yesterday, crazy was definitely going to be bringing disruption, i could tell that people were going to be a bit more on edge. so, long-story-short, i turned around, said to the gentleman "Hi, i can see that you have a few things taht are bothering you. would you like to go with me to the other room, and tell me about some of the things that are going on?" and, yes. did he ever... the next hour and a half included a full on psych-nursing intervention, complete with calls to his social worker, and a phone conversation with his mother. All to end with him not being completely happy (since i wasn't going to provide him with 50$) and telling me: "Well, i just want you to know that if i beat somebody up today, its on you!!!!" gee. awesome. i'll remember that when i am going to sleep tonight (um... not really)

ohhhhh, gotta love it when crazy comes to town. but, i will tell you the truth. I LOVE it, when i get to do this. when (no matter what the result) you get to intervene in a situation in that other people don't want to get involved with. I love working with people... especially people in which society turns away when they speak. in which, sadly preconceptions (again, sadly, are more often than not, true) get the first look, and the person who actually exists behind those preconceptions gets the second look. and, i am not going to lie. there is something about psych nursing in particular, which, in my mind, exactly frames what nurses do. asking the questions, listening to what a person is saying, and pouring light into (often) dark situations. and, here is the thing... we *all* have a bit of crazy in us. (i mean. really. some people might consider exercising racing for 5+hours straight, nevertheless a doing a fricken ironman, is crazy. yet. i know a whole lot of people who fit into that category).

anyway. dealing with crazy or not, it is exhausting. and, it is hard. i am not even a nurse yet, and i realize how challenging and rewarding and grounding this profession is. and how those many men and women who choose this profession give up portions of themselves every single day. and, that, to me, is amazing. and, to me, that i why i feel so priviledged to say that one day i will be able to do this "officially."

but, after that somewhat interesting situation, i went out for coffee with my lovely Leanna, and went home for my dreaded long run on a treadmill. Got home to get my workout gear... and whamo. NO KEYS! how the F did i forget my keys. siggggghhhhhh. and, no roommates are home, or near. so. after 2hrs of wondering around the neighbourhood in a pissy mood, i finally get a hold of my roommate. who is at the gym. so, i walk my butt over to her gym, get the keys, and go to the Y. and, i pounded that shit out, and put all of the day's agnst into that run.

so, today is a new week.

it included a 45 min recovery bike (yikes! i am sore....) a strength session (normally this comes later in the week, but, the boy i like is coming to visit on thursday, so i am trying to get as much done early in the week as possible), and an hour endurance run (on the treadmill again. ugh.) it also included a family nursing meeting (wow! lives are complex, even if we think they are not!!!) and an advising session post-meeting, on how i am going to intervene with this family, and "terminate" my therapeutic relationship. and, to add to it all, i was EXHAUSTED after my run/lift. and RAVENOUS. so. i drank chocolate milk, and ate a jewish pastry (ooops... but, it's almost lent. and, it was in the workout window). but, then, i was *still* ravenous. so, i did something that i have not done in a VERY long time (i don't buy it, because i feel like if i have cereal in my house, i get fat, because i love cereal, and i would eat it ALL the time)... i bought a bag of cereal. (but... mary... it is delicious and nutricious nature's path organic heritage whole grains!) and, man, i am going to be thrilled to eat that up during my workout windows.

and, after two jammed packed days... well...i thought that a 375 mL bottle of a merlot/syrah blend would be well appreciated. and, it is. it is.


Anonymous said...

aaah amo! luv it...absolutely luv it! =) had a guy in church yesterday in front of me that was transing it out like he was in a little ibiza bubble - right from the first note straight through all the silences. really awesome guy though. =) can't wait for you to come down to the mutherland! yey (send me your christmas compilation tracklist pleeeeaaassseee!)

Alexa said...

<----- permanent resident of crazy town

Bonnie said...

I don't know how I missed this post but if on facebook I would say like in your descriptions of people especially after a week of hospital social work but love how our clients/patients/parishioners/customers/staff are always teaching us new lessons or reminding us of old ones.