Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrive thursday: the power of words

This is a on going series that is posted on thursday's, to answer the question: "What helps you to thrive in your environment?" The series is written by myself, and a variety of guest Contributors. This week, I want to comment on the strength of words.

So, it is a little late at night, and I have waited to see if I was going to get the submission that I thought was coming~ it will just have to be another week.

Not going to lie. This week has not been great. the beginning of the week was stressful (with two presentations, and one stats assignment) because i blew off the weekend to take photos and sleep in late, and pick apples. And, on the rowing team, we are going through some growing pains. I have felt defeated, and I have felt like I have been letting people down. That there are things that I want to do, but don't know how to do them. that there are things that i am doing, which I should not have to be doing them.

and, yesterday, I was reminded of the power of words to change situations, and outlooks. I was feeling a little a lot grumpy and frustrated and slightly angry. a person sat down with me, and spoke light into the situation... by (as she said) being the adult. by reminding me that what i was doing was working, and that I must remember that I can not change everything. That the people that i feel like I am letting down, don't feel that way at all.

With words, everyone has the power to speak life or death into someone's life. for example, if you tell a kid "you're an idiot" everyday, he will grow up thinking he's an idiot. If you tell that same kid "i love you" instead, he will grow up knowing and believing he is loved.
Words can help push others forward, or they can pull others down. And, all I know, is that when someone uses words to encourage, or to speak light into someone else's life, that person feels like they can thrive. Words can let people push higher than they feel like they are able to succeed.

so, listen to others words that allow you to thrive. Speak those words into other peoples lives. and remember the power of your words.

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