Friday, October 22, 2010

sometimes, just sometimes... have a bad day.

I know that my post from wednesday was apparently upsetting to some people. I had a huge # of hits on my site, people phoning me out of the blue (like my mother!), and sending me emails saying super nice things like "hang in there" and "you will get through this." and "why didn't you tell me you were in the ER?"

and, that is somewhat the reason why I hesitate in writing things like that. Not because i don't appreciate what people have to say, or that I dislike the encouraging words. in fact, they are amazing. you, my friends, are amazing.

but, i just don't like it when people over react. people have bad days. they have bad weeks, bad months, and bad years. and, sometimes, a vent just needs to happen. It doesn't mean that something drastic is going to happen, or that the person thinks that the world is going to collapse, or that they are not going to make it through. it just means they need a vent. and, as long as they know what they need to do to help cope through the moment, generally, it is going to be okay.

but, yes. Physically, I am feeling a bit better. not fantastic. just better.
So, thank you for your concern. I just don't want you to be overly concerned ;)

Sometimes I know how I want to deal with things, other times I don't. sometimes i want to talk about it, other times i don't. But, one thing that i do know is that the boy I like is coming from edmonton to visit this weekend. And, despite the crappy week i have felt, this makes me happy. we will go and play in the fall colours of the eastern townships. drink good wine, and eat good food. we will hang out with friends, and be with just us. photos will be taken. french will be laughed at. and enjoyment will be had. yay :)

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Bonnieupnorth said...

One of the privileges of parenthood is sending hugs or leaving phone messages....Stillbirth at work today with a young couple, first baby,... honestly as health care professionals hope we never loose our sensitivity to these you will just have to put up with me! :)