Wednesday, October 27, 2010

over again

So, once again, I am sitting in a waiting room, to see a health professional. This is getting a little ridiculous, I say. I am in off season. I am not meant to be feeling so crappy, for so long. I am not stressing my body on a daily basis, and I am sleeping lots. Lots and lots. i do not want them to tell me that all my indistinct signs and symptoms add up to nothing. Because that just means I am a hypochondriac. UGH!

Thanks, everyone, for the nice words, and people checking in, and for caring. caring is really appreciated.

Sean was here this past weekend. And, it was delightful. he arrived on saturday morning, and i surprised him out at the airport. After a slightly terrifying drive into the city (can I say... never been to this city?! "Look at that building! it's made of brick!" "No Sean, LOOK AT THE ROAD! AHH! red light!" ), we met a few friends for a delicious morning breakfast at Faberge, then took off for the eastern townships. We made stops along the way, mostly including Abbaye St. Benoit Du Lac which includes monks that make cheese and cider. And beautiful walking/prayer trails through the trees. we then made our way to the little town that we were staying in for the weekend, Magog, and the B&B.

Magog is a beautiful little town, and very proud owners of their lake monster, Memphre (yup, apparently everyone has a strange french cousin. Even the loch ness monster, and the ogopogo). We walked around, took photos (ok, sean took photos), and then left, to make a day to be foodies. Things we ate: wine. chocolate. apple cider. Tart. hot chocolate. flat bread pizza. raclette. salad. YUM! On monday, we pretty much just did nothing. it was not a nice day outside, and I was not feeling good. so, Slept in late, walked around the adjacent, fairly trendy, adjacent neighbourhood to mine, Mile End, returned the rental car, and then hunkered in to watch some episodes of "Modern Family" (which, btw, is my newest favourite, hilarious, show).

all in all, it was a great weekend with good company, good food, good laughs, good conversation and good fun. it was nice to spend it with someone that i like so much. and, i am looking forward to any photos that might come out of it!

on a completely different note...

Recently saw this article, about nursing in the DTES in Vancouver. Pretty much, this is one of the reasons why I have chosen nursing as a career. This type of work is what opened my eyes wide open, and made me say: dang it! nursing is perfect for me!!!! If I ever have the chance to work in a situation like that of the safe injection site, I would be so privileged. Because that is what I feel we are called to do. (ok, maybe not everyone, but... you know. At least a handful of us.)

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