Saturday, October 2, 2010

fantastic photography

So, i have this friend. His name is Will Swanson, and he takes phenomenal photographs. Will is pretty much within the top 3 people I have here in Montreal, and is such a phenomenal friend. He has a heart of gold, a quarky personality, a history in movie making and social work. He is going to be a nurse.

Last year, he told me that he would photograph me. This is a little intimidating to think about having a "professional" photo session.. mostly because I look at the photos he takes, and think "dang. there is no way I can look that good." and "i have NO idea how to pose." and... most of all"Wow. I had no idea how self-concious and critical I can be of myself."

in addition, i was totally convinced that he is unable to take a good photo of me. and, i am in a post-season, out of shape state. However, on friday, he proved me wrong. We shot into the night, and I was stunned at watchinghim work, how much fun it was... and, mostly, what were some of the results. To do things like this is such a huge boost in confidence. And, we are not even done yet. Here are a few.

His photography is called Ilyaxous, and you can see more here: ilyaxous Photography.

ps. below here, it becomes scandalous ;) If you care to venture further, be warned.


Kristin said...

that is a nice pic!! Revel in the beauty of it!

Jude said...

incredibly stunning... you exude Strength.

Bonnieupnorth said...

Will is a stunning photographer and you are a stunning model!

Tederifico said...

Dang there is no way you can look that good? Try again there my dear. Yes exceptional photos.....but it easy is with an exceptional person.

Anonymous said...

I see no scandal, but those are some wonderful photos!!