Tuesday, October 12, 2010

foliage, fall and fun!

This past weekend was Thanksgiving. Yes, we don't celebrate the pilgrims up here, but rather, the harvest. Now, i LOVE thanksgiving. I love the meal, i love the occasion to gather family, and I love that you just get to think about all the things you are thankful for.
just to name a few.

i have, in the past, had many a thanksgiving memory. Like this one, that occured during my senior year at WVU. Some of the people in that picture are university friends who have turned into life long friends. at least 3 of them. There is a zach. there is a k-shon. there is a KJ.
When i lived in the states, I celebrated twice a year. I used to have the Varsity 8+ to my apartment for canadian thanksgiving. Then, (for many years) I celebrated American Thanksgiving, in Georgia. One year, I went back to edmonton, to get confirmed. But, with all that, I have good memories. This year was no exception. And, I am a little overwhelmed about how to make this post.

there is so much going on in life right now, so just bear with me... i will try to make it easy with points...

1) rowing has been challenging lately. Not much to say, other than that the girls that I am coaching have been through barrier after barrier this fall. And, yet, they press on. and, to me, this is strength of character. body. mind. spirit. They, to me, have exemplified sportsmanship, and risen up to fight battles which are not theirs to be fighting. I remember what it is like to be on a team that is building. it is not always fun, nor is it easy. There are tears, and there are times that decisions are not pretty, and where you want to scream. But, believe me. It gets better. Thank you girls for maintaining strength.
2) I love vermont. Will and I went down to vermont for the weekend, to do some camping, and some hiking and some ice cream eating. it was great times, and it included finding a local country church, for a ham Columbus day thanksgiving dinner. It seems to be a theme with us, and our trips to new england... finding cheap, huge meals at churches. but, we camped in a sketchy, yet beautiful, location right on the land of a abandoned old house, due to the real camp ground being sold out. We rode cows in Burlington, and drank local brewskis. we hiked up Mt Mansfield, to which there was lots of scrambling, unmatched views with collapsed friends, and lots of cold wind. here are a select few of my many faces over the weekend. More photos, will, I am sure, be posted in the future.

3) thoughts on faith. during the weekend, I thought about a lot about God. and, how, I am so not surprised that so many times, God chose to speak to people, while on the top of a mountain. He pretty much wreaked havoc with Moses up there. He taught faith to abraham. Christ did the crazy action of a transfiguration at the top of a mountain. And, I have set step upon some very high places. But, as far as i can tell, there is nothing in life that compares to the glory of what god can show you at the top of a mountain.

In Romans, somewhere, it says something to the effect of nature revealing God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature... I think, romans 1. And, i felt that this weekend. I felt it in the wind at the top of the mountain. I felt it when I stared up into the starry night, and felt that it (other than people, of course) is God's greatest creation. God's invisible qualities.

That moment when creation and nature and peace and silence and vastness and glory all come together and whisper secrets into your ear.

and, maybe that is why i like to escape into nature. why i like to hike up mountains, and down winding trails. why my heart longs to be away from the tall buildings of a city. why steep slopes, and tall walls and green trees call to me. why i would choose to sleep in a tent, and cook over a small stove and curl up into a sleeping bag. why i like to go to places where i can take a deep breath,


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Scott said...

Being outside, breathing fresh air, feeling the movents of my surroundings and the movements of my body, is where I most feel connected.

Stopping, listening, feeling, pure spiritual connestion.