Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There is nurslings in them there trees...

You can tell by the wind
By fresh cut wood
All stacked to dry
That autumn's here...

I love the autumn. I love the crispyness of it. The cold air at night, and the warm air during the day. I love that in the East, the colours of the trees are unmatchable. I love winter vegetables like squash and beets. I love that death means that new life will come. I love thanksgiving (HURRAY for the upcoming long weekend!!!) and the memories that go with it. The only thing that I don't love is that it normally doesn't last that long.

This past weekend, along with doing my photo session with Will, we also went apple picking. Apple picking, or, en Francais: "Cueillir Les Pommes," in Quebec is somewhat of a cult following. Almost as good as la cabane a sucre. I found us a Vergers biologiques. A organic Apple orchard. Despite the fact that it was at least an hour away, and .70$ more than the regular apples, I still insisted. I mean, comon... if you are going to spend the afternoon in the field, chomping on apples from a tree, then they better not be covered in pesticides. Once again, Will was there. And, once again, he brought his camera. He can been seen below. And, yes. He is wearing Liederhosen, in celebration of octoberfest. I present to you, again, some of his amazing photography.

We hid in the apple boxes. Me, Leanna, and Jennifer.
we also lay in the grass, and climbed the apple trees. There were 4 varieties: golden delicious, macintosh, royal gala, and spartan.

One of the glorious things about the eastern townships of Quebec is that it is scattered with glorious, french looking structures. The way that the sun came out in the late evening highlighted buildings and fields and water light nothing you can imagine.

But mostly, the afternoon was about getting out of the city, loving nature, and being in company of loved ones. I love that I have people here in Montreal. That I have people who love to go and pick 10lbs of apples. That I have people who i can lay down with in the grass and laugh with and eat brie and blue cheese and crackers and hummus and pita. so, here is to my friends.

wonderful will.

Lovely Leanna
Girls in a tree. Joyous Jennifer.

and, at the end of the day.
Jump for Joy... I love the fall!

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