Friday, October 15, 2010


So, i stayed home today. The headache stayed overnight, and the body not wanting to move, with a tinge of nausea did not make me want to go out to clinical this morning.

Not to mention... wind gusts of 65km/hr, a temperature of 7 degrees, and rain amounting to 30mm...

call me undisciplined. call me a faker. call me lazy. I don't care. there are trees falling out there, and I didn't feel 100% healthy today. So. i.didn't. go. to. clinical.

instead, I choose to stay home, sleep in, not change out of my PJ's, drink warm drinks, clean my room, apply for a fellowship, watch a show or two on my computer, and catch up on school work, catch up on emails. i might not even go to yoga tonight.

cause tonight, it feels like a really good day to keep doing what I have been doing all day long.
besides, i am still in off season for another 2 weeks. i'm allowed to not work out every day.

and, that is kinda nice.

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