Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Running shoe day...

so, when i was a rower, new running shoe day was an occurrence that happened about once every 1.5 years. and it cost me about 90$. 120$ tops. Just shows how much running you do when you are an athlete that sits on their butt, moving backwards (such a great way to teach people how to succeed, right!?!?). i mean, you think you run. but, running 1x every week at a strength and conditioning session... well. let's just say its not all that much. don't get me wrong. I too, thought that i ran a good amount. but... comparatively?

when all I did was 10km or 1/2 marathon runn
ing, they would last me 6 months. now, new running shoe day comes minimum every 4-5 months. and, 5 months is really dragging it on. the only time a shoe will last me 6 months is during the winter. maybe.

now, i have a love-hate relationship with new running shoe day.

the love part of this relationship is how after this day, i feel like i am running on clouds. like my legs can go for another 700km without feeling like they are being worn down. my shoes don't smell like blood blisters that have broken, or like other bodily fluids that have leaked into them during various races. or, the mud/puddles/everything else that you have stepped in during the last 6 months.

the hate part of this relationship is that it happens way more often than it ever has before. it also costs me a minimum of about 150$. if lucky. I always the same pair of shoes (Mizuno wave runners), because they keep me happy. However, it is rare that i will find them for less than 140. (in may, in edmonton, i was lucky. I found my size, in my shoe, at a running room sidewalk sale for 85$. my heart pretty much skipped a beat, I grabbed them, and felt like i was stealing them.). But, let's calculate. it is almost 300$ a year. and, for a student. ugh. that is the hate. I also used to hate new shoe day, because it would mean that i would have to change my shoe style. but, that has changed.
but... I HAVE NEW SHOES! yayayayayay!
Today, something else happened that made me *Very* happy. If you remember, at the end of june, I was rejected from the global health section of my M.Sc. program. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean... I am made for global health. THIS is my passion. my vision. my "calling" (if you will).

and, so, when they said no, it hurt. and, it took me a while to respond, but I spoke to one of the ladies on the admission board; then, once I heard the reasons for non-admittance, I took a month to re-gain my thoughts, and wrote an email with some of my follow up thoughts, etc. Not saying "i want you to let me in" but, more so, "i think I was mis-interpreted." About a week ago, I got an email from the head of the stream saying "Given your persistent interest and apparent commitment to global health studies. We would like to offer you an interview as part of our re-consideration of your application."

so, what do you do with that, when your hopes were crushed, then you started building alternative plans, and you become comfortable with the alternatives? In fact, you almost start becoming excited about them.

well. I'll tell you.
you'd be crazy if you decided not to do the interview.

I went to an interview with Dr Gagnon on tuesday. And, I was nervous. She was so stoic, and hard to read. And, that is fine. but, all i remember thinking, prior to the interview was just... be myself. Talk about why you love it, and why it is your passion, and how you are able to be academically rigourous. Just.... be me.

and, today, i got this:

so. there we have it.

i guess it shows that if you believe in something, you need to just follow it through. you need to believe in yourself, and show that to others. that when you are suited well for something, to not back down. because, you just never might know what might happen.

today. it was a good day.


Joy said...

That made me really happy to read. I'm happy for you!

Bonnieupnorth said...

And so the rest of the persistent! Congrats!

Sarah said...

I am so glad to hear it! I was disappointed along with you that it didn't work out initially, b/c the program just seems to fit with your sense of calling! Thanks for sharing this with us, Amo.

Laura said...

Ha so funny! I did see this when I was about to write mine on my new shoes. Popular topic! I'm going to have to write a followup on how they are not working for me.... Stupid running co. changing their perfect shoes!

My feet are a women's size 11, so.... YOU WIN! ;)