Friday, September 10, 2010

second chances...

so i just want to write a little follow up, not long, about this admission to the global health stream.

I know, I know, that I am happy with the re-consideration of my application, and that I was re-admitted. But, I also know, that this is not all about me. Sure, I followed up on why i was originally rejected. Yes, I talked to them about feedback, and I wrote an email exploring different options, and asking questions. I followed up on something i believe in.

But, this morning, I was thinking during my run at 4:45 am. Thanks to an email from my dad, that prompted me along this line of thought... i also know, that in life, we are not too often offered a second chance. sure... there were things that i did. But, most times, we can do things, and we still get the same result.

it is about knowing what to do, with the things we are given. To accept, with grace and understanding, that sometimes things work out the way we want, and sometimes they don't. My placement, can be anywhere from an aboriginal reserve on the south shore of montreal, to a northern cree community, to malawi. YES... I KNOW MY PREFERENCE. but, i also know that no matter what, it's good.

because i wasn't given a chance. And, now i have been given that chance. And, I want to go forward, and continue to show them that they made a good decision in re-considering me. That they did not make a mistake.

for, it is in these parts of life, where we learn to not take everything for granted. That even though we know we are good at something, or suited for something... we may not get it. But, when we do get it... appreciate it. value it. know that it is due to diligence, good acts, patience... faith... especially when we are given second chances.

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