Wednesday, September 15, 2010

its motivational video time!

So, getting pretty excited for this weekend. I had a super duper swim today. One where I just counted my laps, for 30 mins straight in a 30 minute steady swim. 1700m later, i was pretty happy (these are some photos... taken from a video... during the summer, when swimming in a glorious outdoor pool in edmonton)

I am a little cautious about approaching my swim this weekend. I know that during my last race, I was not happy. I am a fairly quick swimmer, but, sometimes I over estimate myself (i think). I need to make sure that this swim is steady. That I keep my head in the game, and not worry about where other people are... just swim. And, that is what I have appreciated about my last 4 swims. They have all been 30 minutes continuous. And, that is good for my head space... 30 minutes continuous forces me to get into a head space where i am just finding consistancy: with my stroke, with my thoughts, with me.

And, as I am getting ready for the race, the inspirational videos come out. Here is one of our favourites on Train-This. Pretty dang good. And, i just had a fun little conversation with Kelly Covert , who's place I am staying at this weekend for the race. TOday, on her "Wonderful You Wednesday" she had a *great* post about nutrition. I suggest that you go and take a look. I am excited to meet her, and her stylish sons, and husband... to have conversations about triathlon and god and family and food and bikes and everything else that will undoubtedly come up.

And, today during my swim, I thought a lot about my rowers. (on a side note... I am consistently amazed at how often I am reminded about how different rowing and triathlon are as sports. I used to think they were quite the same. NOT So much... i mean. there are similarities. but. not many.... ha!)

I coach a group of girls who are so great. It is amazing, how much these girls cross through my mind on a daily basis. And, I will not lie. Coaching rowing is one of the most challenging things that I do on a daily basis. Rowing, to me, is the ultimate team sport... Unlike a sport like soccer, or volleyball, or other sports... if one person does not show up, it affects the other people. they cannot row in a 8 person boat, with only 7 people. That is the same with if one person feels like they do not want to put effort into their practice. it off-sets the boat. the rhythm is lost. so, 8 (or 4, or 2) must work as one.

We have had some difficulties this week, with a little bit of a shake down in boat lineups. People have had to adjust to things that they did not expect to happen. As a coach, this is a difficult decision. How do you make something happen, when you know that undoubtedly, one person (or two, or 3) will be let down? How do you foster an environment, where people do not want to work just for themselves, but for the other people on their team? Where accountability, sportsmanship and attitude are just as important as strength, endurance, and technique? How do you work with limited equipment, and limited funds, on a team that is still in the "Baby" stages?

and ladies.
I know some of you read this.
Know that i will never *ever* make a decision that is purposely set out to set any of you back, or go against your personal will...

This week, I have had to go apart from my "nursing tendencies." I have had to make decisions, and statements that have pretty much said "Well, you don't like it?! tough *hit. deal with it." and I hate that. Because that is so opposite to my personality. i am such a people pleaser. I want to have everyone be happy. But, sometimes, you get dealt cards which you have to accommodate to.

Rowing is the hardest sport that I have ever done. I had a coach, in high school (I had been rowing for at least 2 years at this point), who once stopped the boat at the end of and piece and said: "AMELIA PAYNE! what are you doing? I honestly think that you have never pulled a hard stroke in your LIFE! if you don't start pulling, I am going to take you out of this boat, you will not go to st. kitts and not row in the first VIII. So START PULLING" {silence... what do i do now.. do i cry?! no. can't cry. can't get angry. gasp for air. hold back tears.}

it was hard to hear. but. i'll tell you what. I don't think i ever slacked off in a practice ever again. because that comment was stuck in my limbic system. And those words made me into a better rower..

Teamwork is hard. Sports are hard. Competition is hard... (and, as that boy i like would say.. that is why it is called work. and not happy fun time.) and, it does not come overnight.

but, that is also why it is so dang fulfilling. because in all this hard work comes character and strength and a place to dig for motivation and friendship and ability to go beyond who you are. So, here is a motivational Rowing video. One that is held very close to my heart, from memories of times during my last year as WVU mountaineer.

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Kelly said...

So excited to meet you too, Amelia!! I'm sure we will not have a lack of things to talk about!! Safe travels.