Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thrive thursday

so, on my bike ride home today at lunch (the great shocker for today was that my afternoon class was cancelled! wooo!!! time to catch up, *and* to watch the season premiere of Grey's anatomy! HA, i know. pathetic addiction.), i got thinking a bit. I know, these days, it is all the rage to have a day a week where you have a themed post. well, ok. so, maybe there is only one person I know who is doing this...

but, really, it is a great idea.

I was also thinking today, about how in nursing, we talk a lot about walking alongside with patients and families as they cope with life changes. As they cope both in health, and in illness. but, it got me thinking... What if we went for more than coping? More than "just getting by." What if we went for walking beside people as they learn to thrive in their environment. as they learn to thrive in life?

And, i know that there is a popular diet (which i quite like the majority of) out there with this same name... but, if you have another word, that can signify the same thing, and has the same first two letters of a day of the week (so it sounds like I am literally savvy)~ by any means... please let me know.

if we look at the word, it is often associated with plants. but, the first word that the thesaurus gives me is "flourish." from flourish, you get this:

1: grow, thrive, prosper,do well, burgeon, increase, multiply, proliferate;spring up, shoot up, bloom,
blossom, bear fruit,burst forth, run riot.
2: thrive, prosper, bloom, be in good health, be vigorous, be in its heyday;progress, make progress, advance, make headway, develop, improve; evolve, make strides, move forward (in leaps and bounds),expand;

and, I love that.
I also like that thriving reminds me of nature. and, since i am a kinda hippie, i like most things that have to do with nature, or specifically, trees. so, here is the photo I found to be used for thrive thursday.

so, on a weekly basis (I HOPE!), look for a post that will encourage you on how to thrive in your day to day basis. And, this post will not just be specific to triathlon, or nursing, or montreal, or anything... it will just be an answer to "What helps you thrive in your environment?" it will hopefully include guest bloggers, my friends, or strangers. people who blog often, or people who do not blog at all. it may be art or words or photos or videos or a quote, a thought, an experience.

it is so that though this weekly post, other people may learn to thrive as well.


Joy said...

I've had a number of conversations in the last few days about thriving (maybe not with that exact word being used, but the same idea). I'm interested in reading more. :)

Kelly said...

I love this idea, Amelia!! So looking forward to this "series", if you will.

(On another note, an interesting thing has happened since we've met, and that is that when I read your blog I hear your voice in my head. What a lovely addition to my blog experience!)

Jude said...

absolutely beAUtiful!
i loVE it!

Alexa said...

dirty hippie.

just kidding! I am a hippie too!