Friday, September 17, 2010

pull out the cow bells...

cross your fingers, and send fast vibes! because this girl is at the races!

After skipping my afternoon class, a rapid toss of everything into a rental car (yay! a matrix. you may remember, that my first real car was a matrix. i sold maggie almost 3 years ago), a pick up of a craigslist ride-sharer, a beautiful drive down to NY state...

i have arrived in syracuse!!!

tomorrow, race prep is happening:
the carb loading will occur.
the team schmoozing will be fun.
the rest and relaxation will be nice.
bike will be rechecked.
packet will be picked up.

on sunday morning, i will be starting at 7:48, wearing a pink cap, with a bib #1054. Use to do some athlete tracking!

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