Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2.5 months till the end of the year...

it shocked me today, that it is Oct 15th.  what does that mean?  i will tell you what it means.  in two short months, it will pretty much be christmas.  and, in a blink of an eye after that, it will be new years.  and, so, while recently reading an old journal entry of mine, i realized that it is time to re-look at my new years resolutions from this past january, to have a check, to see if i have accomplished them.  

so, it was on this post that i told you about my desires for the new year, and the amazing christmas break i had.  let us evaluate. 

Get back to personal journalling again. to find the extraordinary in the mundane.
  • not so bad.  not great, either though.  as of late, I have had more of a ambition to journal privately.  especially since i have had so many personal changes going on in my life.  so, this is not a fail.  but, not a total pass, either.  
Get a better grip on my finances; pay off my bicycle, and my credit card.
  • check.  done and done.  WOOT!
Travel to the eastern states. Maybe hitchhike.
  • not done.  subsituted with a trip to washington state with the rowing girls.  a trip to the eastern states though, may happen in december.
run another half marathon, and do an olympic distance tri.
  • four 10km races, and 3 olympic tris.  i would say this is almost more than that goal.  1/2 marathon? perhaps.  ask me again in 3 weeks.
Talk to makayla at least every 3 weeks.
  • big failure here.  but, i did bring her to see me in june. 
graduate from my masters. Take the MCATS, apply for medical school
  • graduation: on track to finish in Dec/Jan.  MCATS: done.  application for medicine: well. nope.  but, i am okay with that. 
Organize the youthgroup at St Johns
  • put a good effort into it.  sticking with it, and meeting with the new family minister at church tomorrow to brainstorm more ideas.
do yoga, and african drumming again.
  • check and check.  want to be more consistent with both of these though. 
Love & be open to love.
  • working on this one.  but, love is in a constant flux, right?  hard to figure this one out.  and, it makes me wonder if i will ever figure it out.  probably not.  

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