Wednesday, October 15, 2008

... i don't normally blog about politics.

but, it was election day yesterday.  I got up bright and early to go to the polling station down the block, right when it opened, at 7am.  'x'd my little circle, and proceeded on my way.  then, waited.  

and, since i am not super savvy on politics, and i do not choose to create conflict via a blog, i will stick to a few minor points that made me interested in an election that there was not anything to be excited about.  and, also, i would like to highlight the note that I am a 25 year old, attempting to live as greenly as possible, student, who is passionate about underpriviledged populations.  so, it is not all that hard to determine where my political spectrum lies, and how my vote is cast.  
  • First, why the heck did stephen harper even call an election? i think it was early.  and, the fact that we still have a minority conservative government proves to me that not much has changed over the last 2.5 years.  
  • having been away from Canada during the last 2 federal elections, I felt priviledged to go and cast my vote.  sure, i "understand" if "you haven't paid attention" or "our vote doesn't make a difference anyways, politicans are all liers." or whatnot. wait a minute.  no, i don't understand.   there is absolutely no excuse for (the lowest turn out ever) only 58% of the canadian population going out to vote....  it might be the lack of voter turn out was due to a few things.  leadership of the parties.  maybe they are not the strongest possible leaders.  the electoral system. timing of the vote. lame youth skipping out on the vote.  
all i know is that i have traveled to countries where people fight for the right to vote in a democratic, safe environment.  people die for the right to vote. and, yes, we have a lot of problems with the democracy in this country, but, it is still one of the best in the world. we have one of the best countries in the world.  so, voter apathy should not be one of the problems of democracy in our country.  if you "didn't know what party to vote for" find a website like:  it will *tell you* how to vote, if voting strategically is what you want to do.  

  • i am happy to currently live in a riding, Vancouver Kingsway, where my vote made a difference.  my riding is one that has been liberal, since 1997.  However, in the last election, when David Emerson ran as a liberal, our riding got a conservative.  2 weeks after being elected, he crossed the floor to the conservative party.  since then a "de-elect David Emerson" campaign has been running.  so, the liberals had a hard fight.  turns out that they didn't fight hard enough around here.  NDP painted the community orange, with a 35% win, over the 29% liberal vote, and 27% Torie vote.  finally, i live in a NDP riding.  
  • I would also like to make note that Edmonton-Strathcona (where i grew up) is also NDP for the first time in ages.  It has been conservative for years.  but, i wonder in the university students actually got out to make a difference.  that makes me happy.  that community needs an NDP. 

anyway, that is probably about it for now.  now, we turn to the south, and anticipate the result in the obama-mccain situation.  it could get nasty in the next few weeks, and i will be glad when it is over.  i am curious to see the voter turnout for the US.  hopefully it will be better than the canadian turnout.  

in a final note.  i am on the "leaning up" frame of mind again.  i have successfully dropped about 5-7lbs since the end of the summer.  however, it is easy to get fat over the winter.  I am hoping to be lean and fit and hot for christmas, to lead me into the spring season.  however, i don't know how to do it.  i know it seems strange for a "fitness professional" to say that. but, as a student who eats out of her house at least 2x per day, i need a strategy.  cause, there is only a limited amount of room in my backpack.  a friend of mine is doing a raw diet.  maybe a possibility?  but, that can get soooo boring.  

strategies, anyone?!  advice? tell me a "easy" way to cut calories, but still be alert enough, with enough energy, to do school work, and work work, and workouts. 

also, i do think i am going to do that 1/2 marathon on Nov 16th.  but, don't tell anyone, cause i don't want anyone to have any expectations.  i am not going for time, i am just going for distance.  

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