Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UBC apple festival

so, this past sunday was fantastic. i love the fall. and, what a perfect thing to do, other than spend time with friends, and do fall activities like "Apple festivals"? these are some photos from the event, which i went to with my friend and co-worker, Joanna. She is 6 months preggers, and her baby is due at the beginning of Feb, right on her own birthday! Hot mama! yay!

however, by the time i got there, the 10 million pounds of apples were all sold out, but i was able to do such things like:

pose by nice fall scenes with water and trees, and 
of course, apples!

jumping into random john deere like tractors: 

competing in apple peeling contests: 
overall, joanna's was longer than mine, by about 1 cm or so...
and eating things with apples in them.  like pies.  and hot apple ciders.
and taking pictures of the leaves, and the water droplets.

TERRIFIC!  (thank you joanna for the photos!)

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