Sunday, October 12, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

i love love love thanksgiving.  and, it is tomorrow.  I celebrated last night, with friends of mine, both known and [previously] unknown, by a potluck thanksgiving dinner.  it was amazing, and so much fun.  good food, good laughs, good wine, good dessert, good people.  

and, tomorrow, I will run the Turkey trot  Gotta love throwing in a 10km race on thanksgiving morning, just for the fun of it.  and, at least there will be a man dressed up in a turkey costume.  in fact, that might be the highlight of the day.  the 13 degree, rainy forecast will definitely not be the highlight.   but, nevertheless, I am excited :) 10k's are so much fun!

so, race was great.  it was pretty funny, it reminded me of swimming in a triathlon, where aroud the corners, it get so tight, and on the straights, you try to find a line, or someone to stick behind in order not to get trampled down...  Try putting about 1700 people on a 20ft wide path, around winding corners, with small pilons in the way, and telling them to run as fast as they can.  then, throw a dog into the mix, who is trying to navigate his way with a stick, to the water. then, mix in the rain and a bit of wind, and the clouds and coldness.  it all amounts to a great start to thanksgiving day! i just about died laughing at one point about how hilarious this whole thing was.  i mean really.  don't we have better things to do with our lives?  and, can someone explain to me why i just can't get enough of racing!?

  :D  love it!

    final chip time, 52 minutes.  not so shabby for having run only about 3 times in the last 4 weeks.  the whole thing felt good, and then the 4 hours warming up in a coffee shop, and reading my book was a great way to spend a good part of the day.  

now, i am going to get all cozy again, in my bed, and finish off my book.  

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