Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my Mama bear

so, this past week, my mum has been in town. The last time she came to Vancouver, it was on a trip with Makayla, out for thanksgiving, 2 years ago. Needless to say, lots has changed for me in this town since then. The occasion for this trip, was that her youngest (living) sister was getting married, out in nanaimo. So, she stayed on Thursday, Friday, and Monday nights.

Time was passed with swimming, home cooked meals, meals eaten out, sushi, and movies. It was a great time to catch up, seeing that I have not seen her for about a year. Here are a few photos that she took with her camera.

My Mum, Uncle Don, Auntie Kathleen, Auntie Maureen.
i am always shocked at how similiar they all look to eachother.

My Mum, Uncle Don, and Myself, at "The flying Beaver" for Lunch.
i would like to mention, that Don has done 7 triathlons (sprint distance) this year.  to me, that is just shocking.  he also told me how he has a friend who just completed his 100th Ironman. This has been since 1988. Ridiculous.

My Mum and I outside the UBC pool, where we had a shockingly beautiful fall day today.  
I am mourning that the outdoor pool will be closed as of next friday.

Self Portrait!

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