Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, and, New Beginnings?

So, we are one day into 2008.

What I have found funny, is the silence of blogs over the holidays. To me, this is a good sign. it means that people are doing better things than sitting on the computer, writing about themselves. but alas, it is a new year, and people are writing on their blogs again. as for myself, I wanted to take the time to write in my journal to figure out some of my thoughts, before I was going to give a cap of the last 10 days or so.

I do believe, that I have just had the best christmas that I have ever had in my life. My friends from the states came up to visit: Christina from DC (my best friend, who i haven't seen in 3 years!!!!), and Zach and Ben Mauss. They arrived on the 20th, and we went to whistler from the 22nd, to 26th; we then travelled to Tacoma, and dropped the boys off, and Christina left on the 30th. Im not going to lie, but post christmas sadness sucks. It is like a emotional hangover.
Whistler was beautiful. Although I was not able to snowboard, I spend one day snowshoeing, and the other days relaxing, cooking, and just not thinking about school, or work. It was sooooo good, because it was so needed. I have been really slogging through the last couple months; and time with my closest friends reminded me of love, and good company, and how relationships provide rest and rejuvenation, and stimulate life thoughts. we decorated stockings, we had an amazing christmas dinner, the christmas elves stuffed the stockings, and put presents under the tree.

So, these three people are amazing people. and, it has been in coversations, and interacting with them over the last little while that I have really come to realize the big things that have happened in the last year, as well as what I strive to achieve in the next year.

I also was priviledged to see my long time friends, Stephen Klebs, and Tricia Burnett. Both of these individuals bring joy to my life, and remind me that friendships exceed time apart, and distance. And even though, it was brief, it was amazing.

and, sitting in a coffee shop this afternoon, I was thinking about what has happened in the last year. and, the most interesting thing that I found about the whole thing, is how things play into eachother. nothing is really stagnant and distinct from one another, but rather very fluid, and interrelated. Unfortunently, I dont necessarly feel as if i want to disclose how the following things effected my life, but they did so significantly.
so, in the last year, these are the things which played a significant part of my life:
  • "dating" markus in feb/march
  • travelling to the middle east with Zach in April
  • Bike crash in july, and the following medical situations
  • deciding not to row, in september
  • a conversation with Zach in august
  • School
  • December, and friends in town

and, in these coming months, these are some of the things that I want to do:
  • Get back to personal journalling again. to find the extraordinary in the mundane.
  • Get a better grip on my finances; pay off my bicycle, and my credit card.
  • Travel to the eastern states. Maybe hitchhike.
  • run another half marathon, and do an olympic distance tri.
  • Talk to makayla at least every 3 weeks.
  • graduate from my masters. Take the MCATS, apply for medical school
  • Organize the youthgroup at St Johns
  • do yoga, and african drumming again.
  • Love & be open to love.

so, folks, Happy New year. :)

What are the things that you are going to do to improve your life this year?


Megan said...

I will improve my life by writing you more letters. Glad you had an amazing Christmas!

Bonnieupnorth said...

You are sounding very WELL my dear and that warms a mothers heart in the blowing Arctic. I could say that I resolve to be on time and/or never get lost as per gifts from Auntie Maureen of the watch and Edmonton street map BUT unlikely to be able to keep for very long.

Great photos reflective of good and meaningful times with your buds.