Tuesday, January 15, 2008

my newest obsessions

so, these are two things that i like a lot right now.

i am currently debating selling my Maggie the Matrix, in order to buy a scooter. Would love a vespa, but they are a little expensive. but, definently beautiful. not to mention super amazingly cool. if you see someone cruising down the street on somthing that looks like this:
how can you not instantly think that they are amazing, and that you want to meet them? no idea. i would want to meet me if i drove one of these.

current obsession #2:

Juno (the movie, not the goddess).
if you have not seen this, i reccomend dropping everything that you are doing right now, and going to see this movie, and download the soundtrack. the best part of this movie is not that it is filmed in Vancouver, which is pretty cool as well, or that the main actress is from halifax, and reminds me of a friend of mine, or that the soundtrack is fricken amazing, or that there are high school boys running in short shorts, but rather, the best part of this movie is yes folks:

the reality of the relationships. i loooove how they develop the relationships. they are so real and they are people that we each have in our own lives. and, the deepness and sincerity of how not only the two people in the relationship affect eachother, but how other individuals also affect the relationship between two people.

people i currently miss a lot: Sam, Gretchen, Donna, Caitlin, Kirsten, Meg.


The Hofmanns said...

i so just got home from seeing juno (for the second time thankyouverymuch) and yes, its the most amazing movie AND soundtrack ever. i rock out to it constantly. hey! i like you and yes, i got your newsletter... thanks for the update :) glad we found a way to keep up!

Bonnieupnorth said...

OK I now understand your e-mail. Right now we are in day 3 of a blizzard, the offices are closed so I am at my suite with another social worker. Everything OK as long as we have power but if that quits as it has 4x in last few days for a few hours at a time I have no
phone or internet access.

Zachary C. Mauss said...

Screw the Vespa, get a BMW F650GS!
Can you ride a Vespa to Alaska and back??? Nope! Can a BMW take you to Patagonia, hop a ship to Cape Town and ride "The Only Road North" to Cairo??? You're damn right it can!!!!