Sunday, December 19, 2010

my body hurts...

so, i wish i had a few photos to post from the last two days, because it was fab. as soon as I get my friend to send them my way, you will see the delight.

one of the great things about vancouver is the proximity to the mountains. And really, to me, that is one of the best things about the city... it is just so dang easy to take off to the mountains, for a snowshoe, a snowboard, or just a little hike hike. and, as you know from the large sporting event that recently took place in the city, last feburary, the other close attraction is Whistler-Blackcomb. You may remember that a few years ago, I spent christmas up there with some of the people I love the most in this world. it may actually might have been the best christmas I have ever had. Now, I have not been able to spend much time snowboarding at whistler in my life, just because it is expensive. but, I LOVE snowboarding.

so, friday morning, I hopped on the greyhound and got myself up to the mountain. It was a bright clear, beautiful day. and that is kinda rare on the west coast. So, after stuffing my stuff into a small, expensive locker, I was up for a few warm up runs. I got a text message from my good friend Brian, who was up a day early. We were on the same lift, so I met up with him (and his other friend brian) and rode for the rest of the day. There was not too much new snow, but a good amount of snow anyway. and, it was pure joy.

I stayed the night in the brand new hostelling international youth hostel in the athlete's village, and on saturday, got to the hill a little earlier for a 9:30 start. The weather was definitely not as nice as the day before, but, it was good again. And, it was so great to catch up with Brian about life, and relationships, and laughing, and just chilling. and, man oh man... was it good to feel the core and the burning in my thighs from 2 full days of riding.

top 10 things that I found interesting/thought about while riding over the past 2 days.
  1. i find it funny that when you mention "yeah, I am in nursing" how people (like random dude on chairlift) feels the need to divulge health issues and/or ask medical questions.
  2. it takes me at least a day to find my snowboarding legs.
  3. my triathlon muscles do not translate into snowboarding muscles. and that equates into massive muscle soreness today.
  4. after a day of snowboarding, I have no restraint in what I eat. everything looks amazing. especially beer and potato wedges.
  5. mental note: when riding through trees, do not stick your hands out in front of you to break a fall. you have done that before with a truck, while on a bike. it doesn't work out very well.
  6. it seems that as I am not 12 years old anymore, a helmet seems way more appropriate to allow me to feel safe.
  7. you will DEFINITELY run into someone you know, while at the hill. doesn't matter if there are 1000's of people there, spread over acres of mountain terrain. you will most likely see them on a lift, or in a restaurant at the end of the day.
  8. don't worry about "being that person" who holds the other's up. but, also remember to know your limits. ask what the run will be like before you follow people into the "out of boundary" trees.
  9. don't be disappointed about how much you "don't get to do this." be thankful for the time you do get to spend having loads of fun.
  10. dang. i gotta do this more. this is loads of fun.

oh yes: and this week's numbers...
Swim: 1.5 hrs
bike: 2.1 hrs
run: 2.1hrs
strength: 1hr
snowshoeing: 1hr
snowboarding: 2 days.
total: 7.5hrs + snowboarding!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to post about your experiences at Whistler Blackcomb! I'm glad you enjoyed your time here :)

Amber, Whistler Blackcomb PR team