Tuesday, December 28, 2010

so very tired, yet so very happy!

there is something about having people you love, meet people that you love. Christmas was amazing, and relaxing, and so lovely. Santa brought me running stuff, and lots of chocolate, and a hand died scarf from Laos. Christmas has brought me laughs and good people and good food. it has brought me a time that i am very happy to be having.

and, yesterday, the holiday brought me back to Whistler-Blackcomb to use up my last day on my "Edge card." I am quite sad that I am not able to be riding more out here, but alas, Quebec calls. And, i can't ride Whistler, if I live in QC. but, I *can* use my card for a discount at tremblant, which is nice. Today was so different than my two days of riding prior to christmas. There has been so much snow in the last few days (200+ cm), and it is those days between christmas and new years where everyone and their grandma decide to come up and ski. The lines going up the gondola were insanity. On whistler it was quite awful, and if it was to stay like that for the full day, I am not sure if even the amazing snow could've made it worth it.

but, over on Blackcomb, the conditions were still great, and the lines were much shorter. As well to say that I was able to meet up with friends at lunch, and ride with them for the afternoon. which was lovely.

and that, brings me onto the main point.

There should have been a good chance that i was going to be staying the whole time in Victoria with the family of the boy that I like. And, that would've been nice. But, long-lost-american-army-best-friend-from-West Virginia University-Days was up in Whistler with his younger bro, and some of his friends. in fact, today is actually his 27th B-Day. Happy Birthday Zachy! So, boy I like and I drove over here yesterday, met them for dinner, and hung out today. And, I LOVE it when people I love, meet people I love.

because there is something about the people who are the closest too you. They are able to tell others a little more about who you are. Because each person might know a little something which is a different part of you. I am not sure if that makes sense. But, people are able to bring out different aspects to personalities, depending on who they are.

SO, all that to be said... I have loved having boy i like meet Zach. And, I have loved having Zach meet boy I like. Now, I don't know what either of them really thinks of the other. and, when it comes down to it, it doesn't really matter. but, it is nice. it brings worlds together. now when I talk about either of them to the other person, they are not a stranger. and, i like that.

but, i am EXHAUSTED from the day of snowboarding, and not getting as much sleep and wanted last night. and my body hurts. the legs and the core. but, that hurt is from powder. so, no complaining here.

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