Wednesday, December 8, 2010

just to keep you reading...

so, i have one more exam tomorrow (STATS... ugh! but, i only have to get 12/100 to pass the course. however, i would like to do better than just pass...) and two more papers due on monday (group research proposal and 15 page "analytical note" for nursing seminar class). I am off to Vancouver on Friday afternoon, which i am so anxious for. I haven't been there for a good period of time since fall 2009, and i miss being there.

I miss running on the sea wall. I miss my friends. i miss the mountains and the ocean. i miss my home church in skid row. I miss my favourite restaurants and coffee shops. i miss the green, and the cherry blossoms in the spring. but, i will get 10 days, and I am very happy about that.

this week, the bible verse that has been circulating my head is "the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us." i wonder if that was written for students in exam time. HA! cause it certainly seems applicable.

as you can see, in procrastination this week, I joined twitter. what was i thinking?

this week, Montreal got a HUGE snow storm. the first one of the season. and guess what? i KEPT ON RIDING my bike. it is a winter wonderland. and, riding your bike in this snow is fricken HARD! it makes me feel like I am living on the edge. on the edge of what, i am not quite sure. but, it is hilarious, and it is a really good core workout, because you have to contract your entire core to make sure you do not bite the dust on a corner, or bike into the side of a very slow moving vehicle. and, you have this very strange camaraderie with others who are just as crazy as you. finally, i like walking into snowbanks to dig out a bike rack, then place your bike in the bank to lock it up to the inch of rack that is uncovered, to "ensure security." hilarious.

that is all. back to "studying."

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