Saturday, December 4, 2010

5km race report and Christmas dinner

So, I ran my icey, and windy 5km this morning.

It was not fast. and, my intestines did not like me eating a bowl of oats and greek yougurt (i didn't have any bagels, which is my regular pre-race breakfast) less than 2 hrs in advance. (this is the second time that eating oats has made me want to chuck while on a run... mental note. no oats pre-run). Anyway, after riding up to the race with my friend Ben (and, i mean UP! the "camillien houde" road up the mountain is rough), we were definitely warmed up.

So, we shuffled ourselves away, in the opposite direction from last year. so, the uphill part of the race (About 3km) was more broken up this year. not sure if i prefer it or not. It was quite icey, since we have not had any real snow yet this year, but plenty of cold rain. stomach was in knots about 3km in. but, stuck at it, and at the turn around, realized i was in #1, but with #2 girl (a former rower of mine) right on my heels. She is 130lbs, so up the final hill she went, leaving me about 100m behind her at the finish. (i laughed becasue i think i should've given her a 45lbs backpack to carry. see how that goes ;)

2nd place finish, in a time of 24:45. which, oddly... is EXACTLY the same time as last year. heh. but, last year, i was about 10th. it is a small race, but any victory feels good, right?

now, it is time to settle in and do some studying, while a turkey is baking. I bought a bird from Jean-Talon Market, St Vincent Meats. I feel fantastic that my bird is organic, and local. but, i do no feel good that i had to cut it in half to be able to afford it. but, really, it's okay, because i love giving food to people, which exactly what this dinner is about. friends, food, and taking a break from the stress.

things i will make for tonight:
Chocolate Nut Treats (the last recipe!)

others will bring: yummy salad, paleo dessert, veggie dish and potentially a hannukah potato latkes.

so, YUM! looking forward to studying with the smells in the background!


Kelly said...

Yum!! I wish I could come! Congrats on 2nd!! It's hard to run in the icy cold with your tummy in knots!!

Kristin said...

I've had the same problem with oats. I think it digests so slowly that it stays with ya! I do well with bagel as well. Congrats on your run!! The food looks great! :)

Carole Sinou said...

First of all : I'm lighter than you, but you definitely have longer legs !! :)

Congrats for your run because it wasn't an easy one with the ice and the wind.
Next time, be aware of the lightweight menace !
I have to say that it was nice to realize that I run as fast has my ex-coach !!

mountain hardwear said...

so yummy!!! looking at the picture makes me go hungry..nice post.